10 Perfect Cities for Honeymooners

Whether you’re looking for beaches, cities, or even deserts, these romantic destinations carry the recipe for a dreamy honeymoon and lasting memories


Traveling the world is the best way to celebrate spending a life together! Don't you agree? Honeymoons are for making memories, endless romance, and total luxury. That’s why when it comes to choosing your destination, you want to be sure it fits the personality of your relationship.

While some couples want to spend the day basking in the paradise of Thailand’s beaches, others might crave the more urban energy of Dubai. Here’s a list of cities around the world that are perfect for honeymooners.  


1. Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is a pretty small country and it brings a lot to the table. It is a refreshing and calm destination for those seeking a little tropical rejuvenation yet also has one of the most beautifully chaotic cities we've ever been too.  We recommend starting in the action of Bangkok, checking out some out some of the breathtaking views from rooftop bars, or touring the city’s rich culture. Then set out to dip your toes in the unbeatable island life of Phuket or other islands. If you’re into diving, make sure you stop by Phi Phi Island, for the most incredible look at sea life. 


2. The Maldives

The Maldives provide the kind of indulgence that goes hand-in-hand with honeymoons. This destination prioritizes privacy, and the luxury resorts are so lovely that it feels like they’re tailor-made for you. The Maldives are nothing short of paradise as the natural romance of the beach atmosphere keeps you swept off your feet. The crystal clear waters encompassing the islands are home to renowned reefs and underwater scenery. So if you’re looking for the ultimate in private luxury, yet still like a bit of adventure like diving and snorkeling this is your spot.


3. Reykjavik, Iceland

For some couples, romance doesn’t have anything to do with long walks on beaches and picturesque sunsets. Reykjavik is a dream for those who crave adventure, fun activities and scenery that will blow your mind.  How does horseback riding through a lava field sound? Or hiking a frosty blue glacier? Iceland is full of natural wonders and unique escapades that you’ll be thrilled to experience together. Plus, Reykjavik is a culinary adventure in itself, offering some truly unforgettable restaurants.


4. Ubud, Bali

Amongst the rice fields, sacred temples, and lush greenery, you will quickly realize that Bali is a place of complete serenity. Ubud is designed for relaxation, and in a way focuses on health and nature. This destination is the perfect place for couples that would love to catch a yoga class or hot stone massage, sip on a fresh juice, and spend some quality time together.


5. Siem Reap, Cambodia

The culture and history that epitomize Cambodia extend into every facet of this country. Experiencing the temples of Angkor Wat  and other UNESCO sites in Cambodia is a special way to celebrate your relationship. The treasures of Siem Reap will surprise you—the food has unique and bold flavor, the locals are warm, and the markets are absolutely perfect for wandering! Plus, it’s all considerably inexpensive.  


6. Florence, Italy

Florence is a city that breathes romance. The views in this classic city  are the kinds that make your heart melt. Staying in Florence, you’ll be carried away by the food and wine...especially the wine!. So if you’re into eating and drinking your way through a city, this is your place. Florence is also the perfect base to explore Tuscany. Between the two cities, you’ll have your hands full of things to see and do, especially if you love wine and Italian food!


7. Aix en Provence, France

Something about France makes it the idyllic destination for lovers. But if you want to experience the country without the mayhem of crowds and tourists (yes, I’m hinting at Paris), then you’ll love Provence. The quaint villages of Provence will soften you with their antique charm and the cheese and wine alone will make you want to come back. Spend your days wandering amidst the quaint atmosphere of the different towns, as you sample different terrines and varietals of wine. You’ll certainly find the romance you were hoping for. A good place to start is Aix en Provence :)


8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the exotic upgrade of Las Vegas. You will find yourselves awestruck by over-the-top architecture, massive buildings and upscale service. Even if ultra luxury is your thing , yet you still want a hint of “country”  make sure you spend a few days in the desert to see a completely different aspect of this culture.


9. Algarve, Portugal

Visiting the Algarve coast is like being included in a juicy secret. The beaches here are truly stunning, the food is incredible and for some reason the destination isn’t very well known, so you can enjoy the beauty minus the tourists. The coastal vibe of Algarve is pervasive, and you’ll find that even the hotels and restaurants exhibit that laid-back, beach vibe.


10. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto practices a more traditional Japanese culture in comparison to frenzied Tokyo, and it makes for a charmingly unique destination for honeymooners. In this stress-less getaway, you can observe the illustrious design of Japanese temples, try kaiseki, or eat something new at Nishiki market. If you're looking for a truly cultural escape, Kyoto is the first place that comes to mind. 


Because we can't choose just 10

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