Ultimate Gifts for Travelers

Looking for that perfect gift, for the world traveler who has it all? Here are 16 great ideas ranging from ultra luxe to practical, that will fit any budget! 


Those who are passionate about traveling, need very little. They are they type of person who value experiences over stuff and understand the importance of less is more. So what do you buy the luxe traveler in your life?

Here is a list of practical and special treasures that I personally love. Whether they’re hiking sand dunes in Abu Dhabi, relaxing on a private beach in Thailand or playing in the snow in Iceland, this list can be taken all around the world. 

Gifts Over $500

Tumi Luggage

Whether you're traveling for work or play, good luggage makes life much much easier! You need something that will protect against luggage handlers as they toss your bags around like a football, it should be sturdy to stand the test of time and easy to wheel around airpots. Tumi's Tegra-Lite collection does all of this while looking sleek and stylish. 

Luggage can be a very personal thing to buy someone, but if you’re confident in their tastes you can’t go wrong!

Bottega Veneta Document Case

A zip around document case is perfect for keeping your travel docs in order and organizing different currencies. This case is masculine, yet can easily be used as a small clutch for evenings out. Its slim structure makes it easy to fit into any bag, yet it's big enough to hold all the important stuff!  

Dining Impossible

For the true gourmand, an experience at one of the worlds best restaurants is an unforgettable moment... and can be a bit frustrating to get into. Fortunately there is self-appointed ambassador of pleasure, Kristian Brask Thomsen, who organizes the most prestigious dinner parties around the world, in the best restaurants around the world. His epic dinner parties last three days and are held at places like Noma and El Cellar de Can Roca. Prices vary depending on the location and restaurant, but if you get access, just do it. 

iPad Pro
$800 - $1080 

New or upgraded electronic equipment always work for a worldly traveler. Especially if you’re like us and like to use an iPad as a TV and rely on your phone to stay connected. With all the new options out there, the new iPad Pro is definitely a must. It's screen is huge, yet it's lightweight size makes it perfect for travel. 

Gifts Under $500

VIP Airport Lounge Membership

Let's face it, airports can be daunting. People sleeping wherever they can, playing 'find the power outlet' and loads of crappy fast food. So give the gift of comfort and give the option of waiting in luxury. With 3 different options of membership plans, Priority Pass gives travelers access to over 850 international airport lounges in 160 countries. 

Tumi Travel Jacket

If you've ever tried packing a warm winter coat into a piece of luggage, you understand the struggle of trying to stuff your warm wear into a small space. That's why a compact, warm and versatile jacket is essential.

The Tumi puffer jacket checks off all the boxes and is more than just a warm lightweight down jacket... it converts into a neck pillow through a hidden pouch in the collar! The men and women's versions are the same, just cut a bit differently. 

Cashmere Blanket & Travel Set

Long flights and long layovers are always a bit more comfortable with cashmere. To stay cozy and comfy on long travel days, this set by Ralph Lauren is perfect. Containing a warm throw blanket and an eye mask, everything fits into a coordinating zippered bag that also doubles as a pillow.

Although there are several colors available and monograming is available for a touch of personality

Everyday Carryall

In addition to actual luggage, a large multifunctional carryall bag comes in handy. They act as a market bag, a beach bag, additional luggage and the perfect purse! I love the brand August California for all things concerning luxe travel bags. The owner is well traveleld and knows what goes into making a great bag.

Named after my favorite district in Paris, the Marais bag is large enough to hold the essentials and more, but not to big so that you look like you're carrying luggage. This bag comes in an array of textures and colors, but the black suede has my vote!

Kenzo Sweatshirt

For long travel days, lounging around the house or just venturing out around a new town, a comfy sweatshirt is a must.

I love the Kenzo tiger sweatshirts because they’re bright, form fitting, comfortable and easy to wash! Plus they can be dressed up or down and worn with heels or flats. 

Bagllerina Ballet flats

Traveling year after year with one piece of luggage is tricky, especially if you want to feel stylish and not so…schlubby. So whenever I can find some compacted style, I go for it. Ballet flats are the perfect companion to any stylish traveler and are comfortable to wear walking around for hours on end. 

What I love about the Bagllerinas is that they are easy to pack (they fold) and come in so many different colors and textures! Perfect for the shoe-lover-traveler like me! 

bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

I'm pretty sure this is on everyones gift guide and for good reason....they're awesome. There is nothing that ruins a flight, or travel day like the sound of screaming children, loud propellers or just chitter chatter. 

Bose makes great over the ear noise cancelling headphones and they're all compatible with apple products. 

Gifts Under $100

moment Camera phone Lens

Chances are your traveler already has a camera and probably a few different lenses, but do they have proper lens for their phones?

These amazing lens by Moment are perfect for taking your phone to the next level. Moment carries 3 different lens's compatible with most iPhones, iPads, Nexus and Galaxy devices.  You can get a Macro, Tele or Wide lens, or of course all three. 

graphic image desk diary
$95 - $120

There are some things that I just refuse to make 100% digital - like my planning. There is just something about pen and paper that makes me happy. 

My go to day planner for the past 10 years has been a Graphic Image desk diary. You can get them personalized and they even have maps and other useful travel information on the inside pages - perfect for planning. They are pretty slender in size, so that are perfect for packing into a suitcase or carryon bag. 

diptyque Travel Candles

Smells have a way of reminding you of special moments or people in your life. As a full time traveler, it's nice to light a candle, reminiscent and feel a bit at home. Although many brands carry travel size candles, nothing bests Diptyque. Their scents are exotic and the perfect packaging makes it fun to unwrap. If you need help selecting a scent, go with Baies, it's heavenly!

$20 - $260

You can’t go wrong with perfume, especially if you’re looking to get something for your significant other. Many designer fragrances now have travel size bottles or rollerballs. There are also a few perfumeries who are offering their popular scents in cute little packs, just like Bond no.9. I love their bon bon set as it features their best scents (18 of them) and are a perfect combination of masculine and feminine scents - perfect for the couple who travels.  

Now if only Tom Ford would do smaller sizes! 

leuchtturm 1917 scrapbook

Personalized scrapbooks are perfect to keep track of where you’ve been and where you want to go. They are perfect for displaying postcards and other little mementos that you might collect along the way. I love these notebooks I came across in Germany by Leuchtturm 1917. The paper has a nice thickness to it and they come it so many fun colors (like neon and metallic). You can of course personalize them and order any of them online.

What are some of your favorite travel items, that would make perfect gifts? Share in the comments!