Palazzo Zichy Hotel - A Former 19th Century Palace in Budapest

Set in a historical building of iconic Hungarian grandeur, Palazzo Zichy has been reshaped into a modern hotel with neo-baroque features and stylish rooms


Known for its art nouveau masterpieces and grand historic buildings, Budapest is a city bursting with idyllic hotels and Hotel Palazzo Zichy no doubts lives up to the city’s reputation. Set in the former 19th century palace of wealthy aristocrat, Count Nanador Zichy, this four-star hotel is a comfortable boutique option available in the Hungarian capital. Situated right in it’s heart the hotel is just inside the Great Boulevard, conveniently placed close to tourists hotspots and ideal for those seeking affordable and homely accommodation set in a picturesque surrounding.

The façade of this old palace is every bit as original as it was back then, and this, combined with the hotels modern interiors has created the perfect marriage that not many hotels can pull off. Despite the hotels rich history, Palazzo Zichy is an excellent value, especially for a European city and offers a fantastic breakfast buffet, courtyard views and a bar area ideal for a bit of work. If you are looking for a hotel that has a lot of stories, is affordable and has a boutique feel, then this hotel is perfect for you.


About Hotel Palazzo Zichy

It isn’t difficult to find a hotel in Budapest that has an interesting back story, but there is no doubt that the Palazzo Zichy holds more than meets the eye. Bought by Count Nandor Zichy’s wife back in 1848, the original one-story home was demolished decades later and the couple created the elegant neo-baroque two-story mansion in 1899.

The palace, which reflects the wealth and prestige of Hungary’s aristocratic heritage, was eventually sold and in 1928, and Countess Emma Kårolyi transformed the second floor into five apartments.  As the years went by it was sold yet again and eventually transformed into the hotel you see today.


The moment we stepped into the hotel, we found ourselves within a cozy ‘pre-lobby area’ painted yellow, detailed with intricate carvings and a chandelier swaying in the night. It was as if we just set foot into an old neo-baroque palace. As we entered the main lobby, we were surprised with its contemporary interiors. A huge glass ceiling illuminated the space as large designer lamps and splash of colors gave the hotel its upbeat vibe. Its modern, state-of-the-art furnishings, along with its well-preserved exterior, were no doubt a perfect fusion between the old and new, reflecting the flavors of old and modern Budapest. Amidst the stylish décor were some fine, original features of the building, such as the black balustrade spiral staircase.

With the comfort and convenience of its guests in mind, Palazzo Zichy is well-equipped with a lounge that serves complimentary coffee, tea, and refreshments until 5 pm daily, along with free WIFI throughout the hotel. As we had some work to catch up on, we would spend a couple of hours a day here working away on our laptops. When the refreshments were removed, we took it as a sign for us to stop working, as cocktails would be served soon.

This hotel epitomizes baroque history yet has been cleverly brought into the 21st century to showcase how old and new can work well together.

The lobby bar

Complimentary office space


Our Room at Palazzo Zichy

The contemporary superior room which dons grey laminate flooring, regal wallpaper and a lovely courtyard view was a great base for our visit. The rooms, which are quite small, but not too much of an inconvenience, especially if you’re out in the city most days, are well laid out and exceptionally clean. Our bathroom had a walk-in shower, although some rooms offer baths, as well as bidets.

All guests have a free breakfast option included in the price which consists of a well presented and quality buffet, served in their glass-roof breakfast room. With a wide range of fresh pastries, cold cuts, cheese, fruits, granola, salads and other savory finger foods, breakfast was certainly a great way to start our day!


Exploring Budapest

Palazzo Zichy is situated very close to many popular tourist attractions and is located very close to the Jewish quarter, making it perfect for sightseeing and historic tours. The neighborhood which surrounds the hotel offers impressive architecture, some of the best within the city, whilst historic and interesting attractions, such as the Holocaust Memorial Centre and The Great Synagogue, are ideally located under a mile away from the lobby entrance.

Around a ten-minute walk out of the hotel and you will see The Great Market Hall which is the largest and oldest indoor market within the whole city. Most of the stalls there offer a whole range of things including produce, meat, pastries, candles, spices and spirits, whilst the second floor has eateries and souvenir stalls. We recommend going up to the top floor to try some great street food, like langos (a deep-fried flat bread) which is one of my favorite indulgences!

For food and drink, the ruin pubs are within walking distance, as is a convenient strip of quality cafes and restaurants ideal for a lunch time snack or an evening meal.

Palazzo Zichys’ ideal location on a quiet square can help you relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet close enough to join in when you please.

The charming streets of Budapest

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