PARKROYAL on Pickering: An Urban Jungle in Singapore

 The PARKROYAL on Pickering, is a new way of looking at urban dwellings, especially in an era where city architecture is starting to look the same. 


The PARKROYAL on Pickering is a stunning display of modern architecture and nature working together to create something completely special and unique.  Its facade is covered in trees and lush landscape, even up to the top floor and large “birdcages” hang off the edges, meant to give guests a birds eye view of the surrounding skyline. It's an impressive piece of architecture in Singapore and a comfortable place to call home while on vacation or business. 

In an effort to blend in its surroundings both physical and cultural, the award wining architectural firm WOHA, set out to create the first hotel-in-a-garden. Tall palm trees, flowering plants and leafy shrubs creep up the sides of the building, giving it a very modern treehouse feel. The exterior flows flawlessly into the lobby and interiors where large carved ceilings and walkways, reminiscent of rice paddy terraces, give an airy and almost ethereal vibe to the space. 

The PARKROYAL on Pickering is a perfect example of modern luxury with a total respect for its environmental. The unique landscapes across the property are designed to be self-sustaining and rely minimally on precious resources. The vast greenery absorbs heat, shades hard surfaces and evaporative transpiration resulting in improved air quality. Only being open since January 2013, the hotel has already gone on to win numerous awards, most notably, Singapore’s Green Mark Platinum, the nation’s highest environmental certification. 


We stayed in an Orchid Club Deluxe room, which was a simple and smartly decorated space. The floor to ceiling windows were a welcome change, from other corporate hotels we’ve stayed in and the natural light pouring through the space, made us feel more at home and less like were were in a hotel room. Views of lush gardens, Chinatown and Hong Lim Park floated in the background and the central location made it easy to get to all parts of Singapore. Even though we were in a hotel with over 350 rooms, it felt like we had a small piece of the city to ourselves. 

Being on the top floor of a skyscraper and seeing flowing trees on your window sill, is incredibly relaxing an a total unreal experience.

The Perks of Staying at the Orchid Club

When you stay at the PARKROYAL on Pickering, you absolutely have to make sure your part of the Orchid Club. For about $80 more a night (price does change depending on promotions and dates) you have complete access to a private lounge and really beneficial perks. 

Every night around 6:00 we would take our laptops and head to the top floor, exclusive lounge for complimentary cocktails and canapés. We would set up our make shift office which had panoramic views of Singapore and indulge in delicious cocktails and wine as we finished off our day.

If you’re like us and don’t like big crowds, Orchid Club access give you much welcomedprivacy, especially in a city as bustling as Singapore. Although an impressive international breakfast buffet is served in the downstairs restaurant Lime, it’s definitely much better in the quietness of the top floor lounge.  The selection might be smaller, but the floor to ceiling windows and quieter atmosphere make up for it. 

Perks didn’t stop with amazing happy hour and breakfast. We had discounts to the the hotel restaurant Lime, and complimentary dry cleaning service for 2 garments a day. For a complete list of perks make sure to check out their website.

An entire floor of the PARKROYAL on Pickering is dedicated to wellness. Guests can lounge by the infinity pool, looking out over the city, workout at the gym or relax in the St. Gregory spa.

The views of Singapore from the Orchid Club

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