FIG Clothing: Great Clothing for Travelers

Traveling around the world is simply amazing, packing for a trip around the world is not. Luckily FIG Clothing is here to help.


Since leaving our home in San Francisco in March 2014 with only the clothes I could carry in my (very small) backpack, a lot has changed. Drastically changed. I no longer have 20 of those cute silky tops that don’t breathe, that need to taken to the dry cleaner, and that are uncomfortable to wear in hot humid weather or cold weather. Instead I have been slowly transitioning into clothing that is a little bit more... functional? 

The colorful and impractical clothes I originally left home with, have now been replaced by more muted colors and fabrics that are a lot easier to care for. I now focus on quality, practicality (can I wash it in a tiny hotel sink if I have to?) and awesome little details to make my creative side happy. 

So when FIG Clothing reached out to me, to see if I wanted to review some “travel wear,” my gut said no… yet, I still found myself perusing their website until 2AM. They offered curve hugging tops and nowhere did I see pants that could double as shorts. I was in!

Buying clothes online is never easy for me. I’m curvy and my size can never be figured out by using those little size charts – it just doesn’t work for me. I also like to see how clothes fit on real people. You know, not on a model that has everything clipped and tailored to fit perfect. So after stalking FIG’S pinterest account (which is full of everyday people wearing their brand) I picked out some items that I thought would be perfect for our upcoming trips to colder climates. 

I must have had a dozen tabs opened and kept going back and forth between all the colors and styles. I needed items that were neutral enough to wear over and over again and would keep me warm during our trips to Switzerland and Germany over Fall. Here is what I ended up ordering:


In Dresden, Germany wearing the YCA Cardigan from FIG Clothing

TUN Shirt

I was so nervous to get an off white shirt, as I am a magnet for spilled wine, drippy soy sauce and really anything that can stain. Gone is my world of dry cleaning bills, so I told myself that I would no longer be a slave to my clumsiness and I got my winter white top. The top is quite fitted yet really comfortable. I’ve worn it out to dinner, cuddled on the couch and spent hours sightseeing in it… I’m proud to say that many wears later, I have no stains. 

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The Safari Collection is designed more for adventurous travel. The fabric is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and has excellent sun protection (UPF 50).

Wearing the TUN top from the Safari Collection and the OPA Pants from the Metro Collection


YCA Cardigan

I have always had a love for comfy sweaters, add a hood and I’m in my happy place. Back in SF I would lounge around in oversized sweaters and leggings during the weekends. Chris would call it my old lady look and the outfits were definite man repellers. So when we left SF, I said goodbye to the comfy sweaters and really never found a suitable replacement. Now I have the comfort I want and the tight fit that Chris loves. I never thought I would feel sexy in a hoodie!

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The Chalet Collection pieces are composed of organic cotton, with a touch of spandex for ease of movement. Their fabric is stretchy and soft, warm, and lightweight.

OPA Pants

I love love love these pants. They fit like leggings yet have that touch of chicness to them. Although the size I got was too big, they still work and are my go to pant for long sightseeing days or travel days. One note; I am normally a size 29 in jeans, so I decided to get a size large. They were pretty baggy and didn’t fit as tight as I like them to. I tried shrinking them but have been unsuccessful. If I pull them up, they work okay but I definitely wish I would have gone with a size small.

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About FIG Clothing

The mission of FIG clothing is simple, it’s to offer a sophisticated alternative to traditional travel wear, that showcases the women body. With FIG, it is fast and easy to switch your style by simply changing from a sandal to a high heel shoe!

Everything is produced and manufactured in Canada. They choose Canadian fabrics as well as organic fabrics whenever interesting options exist. FIG is always looking for ways to recycle their leftover fabrics, by donating rolls to local fashion schools, reusing scraps or partnering with social organizations. is nicely laid out, easy to use and simple! All of their styles are categorized into collections, ChaletMetroSafariVoyage and Ocean. Although each category represents a destination type there are no rules and you can find practical use in all their options. FIG is sold on their website, and at over 200 retailers in the US and Canada. FIG is also available on and

The items I got from FIG Clothing have quickly become my go to staples. Thank you FIG for coming into my life, you’ve made me a fan and I can’t wait to shop again!

For more information about FIG Clothing, check out their website below