Four Seasons Dubai: Ocean Front Luxury on Jumeirah Beach

For over the top luxury on one of Dubai's most coveted stretches of land, Jumeirah Beach, the Four Seasons is the place to be for a bit of glamour & fun. 


In a competitive market like Dubai, I expect to find good service and lavish decor, so it’s that above and beyond attitude that makes the difference and makes a property like the Four Seasons Dubai on Jumeirah Beach stand out. Whether you're visiting for one night, several weeks, on business or with your family, they don’t disappoint. There is elegance around every corner, yet the attitude is comfortable, glitzy and non-pretentious. It’s a place you can dress up for a glamorous evening filled with cocktails and mesmerizing views, or lounge around the pool and beach in nothing but your bathing suits.

Located on a coveted stretch of sand on Jumeirah Beach, the Four Seasons Dubai is one of the newest developments from the Four Seasons group, having only been open since November 2014. With over 200 rooms, the hotel is pretty large, yet maintains a small cozy beach vibe. This is where the glamorous people stay, the fashionable locals visit and celebrities from around the world flock and use as their playing field. Anyone with a love for traditional luxury, mixed with modern touches will more than appreciate this property.


The lobby at the Four Seasons Dubai


Arriving At The Four Seasons Dubai

As soon as we arrived to the hotel, we were swiftly escorted to the lobby area, so we could check in. looking around, I was in complete awe of our surroundings. A spiral marble staircase gracefully stood in the center, polished marble floors led the way and the shiny, yet elegant chandeliers lit up the entire space.

I understand why this property specifically attracts the trendsetters and celebrities. It’s beautiful, elegant, discreet and despite some of the traditional decor, feels utterly modern and cool.

The Suite

After a quick check in, we were escorted to our suite, overlooking the pool area of the hotel. We stayed in a deluxe sea-view which was clearly well thought out in design and layout. Our balcony was a seamless extension of the bedroom and our bathroom and closet area was double the size of our house back home.

Etro amenities filled the bathroom and the iPad by the bed, gave us access to anything we needed. We could charter a helicopter, arrange a private shopping spree at Dior or Hermes and even order a yacht by the touch a few clicks and a request to the concierge...but being quite boring, we used our iPad to order room service and draw the curtains.

With the exception of the penthouse, the rooms at the Four Seasons Dubai are all about the same size and layout. Decide if you would like to wake up to the sea or fall asleep to the city lights. If you’re looking for a comfortable stay, whether you want to stay in or just use the space for sleep, these rooms bring all the comforts of home, with style and of course that Four Seasons service.


We loved the beautiful tile details in the bathroom


Dining at the Four Seasons Dubai

As with everything in Dubai, options are plentiful and the standards are way above average and the Four Seasons is no different. With 10 different restaurants and bars, from beach front dining at Sea Fu, or small bites on the rooftop at Mercury Lounge, you definitely won't get bored.  There is also Suq (meaning market in Arabic), which features international dining (although heavily Mediterranean) , open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Suq is also where we enjoyed daily breakfast with so many options like fresh fruit, granola, pressed juices and some of the best falafel I’ve had.


Suq the Arabic market at the Four Seasons Dubai


Sushi at Sea Fu

After promising us, that Sea Fu would be some of the best seafood we would ever have, we were sold. We made a reservation and spent our first evening at the Four Seasons Dubai, feasting on seafood, sipping cocktails as we listened to waves crashing. We took the waiter's recommendations and ordered a variety of sushi rolls and sashimi to start, while finishing with perfectly grilled seabass and the wok fried chicken. The dishes may sound simple, but they are anything but. The menu changes seasonally, but you can always expect creative dishes with the very freshest seafood.


Mercury Lounge: Cocktails with a View

One of the highlights of the hotel and one of my favorite features, was the rooftop bar - Mercury Lounge. A hot spot for the locals and fashionable people of Dubai, this is a place where your flip flops and casual outfit might not cut it. A private elevator leads you to the entrance where beautiful cocktail waitresses lead you to your private table. Although the lounge is open to everyone, preferential seating is given to hotel guests. So just make sure to make a reservation and you’ll enjoy the best views of Dubai, with the Burj Khalifa standing tall in the background.

Feeling a bit out of place at first (it had been ages since I put on heels) we were quickly shown to our seats and handed menus. There is a small section of delicious snacks to choose from as well as an array of cocktails. The cocktails are pretty basic, so my recommendation would be to stick to classics like a Negroni or sparkling wine and definitely order a few snacks - they're delicious! 

If you’re like us and prefer a quiet atmosphere, to a trendy club type environment, make sure you visit around sunset. You’ll beat a lot of the crowds and the views are worth the visit alone.

Getting Pampered at the Spa

I’ve come to learn, that you can’t stay at a Four Seasons property without visiting their spa. They are all special in their own way and will undoubtedly leave you feeling relaxed and incredibly spoiled. After a day of lounging by the beach and getting a bit of shopping in, we were ready for a couples massage at the Pearl Spa. We were each shown to our separate locker rooms where we were able to partake in some pre-massage indulgence, by visiting the steam room and various the rain shower with different environmental themes.

We left our massage and spa experience, feeling completely rejuvenated and relaxed. Our therapists were able to mold our experience to fit our needs and the results left us slightly addicted, as we kept coming back to the spa.


The indoor pool at the Pearl Spa of Four Seasons Dubai


After our massage, Chris headed up to the room to take a shower and I ventured to the beauty salon, Ever En Vogue, to get my hair properly styled. My hair was washed, blown dry and perfectly styled for a night out. The Four Seasons Dubai, really is a one stop shop and you don’t need to go far to get the very best. If you need a mani, a blow dry, or even a proper shave from a barber, they have it all and it’s made available to their guests.

I’ve come to learn that you can’t stay at a Four Seasons property without visiting their spa. They are all special in their own way and will undoubtedly leave you feeling relaxed and incredibly spoiled.

Birthday Memories

It just so happened that I would be spending my 32nd birthday in Dubai and in style at the hotel. I’ve never been one for big parties, or glitzy affairs and instead prefer to have an intimate day surrounded by the ones I love…and that is exactly what I got! With the help of the Four Seasons Dubai team, Chris organized quiet a relaxing and indulgent day.  From the moment we woke up to my last sip in the evening, I was pampered,  taken care of and fed extremely well!


The perfect way to spend my birthday...lounging at the Four Seasons Dubai


Our day started with our normal routine of breakfast by the pool, where I was surprised with a birthday crepe, complete with candles from the team. It’s the little details and those “how did they know” sentiments that I love experiencing…it just makes you feel so special. We then proceeded to lounge by the pool in our private cabana all day long. We took dips in the pool, frolicked on the beach and napped in the cool breeze. It was heaven!

After we had our fill of  the pool, we got ready and went out to dinner and drinks. Since we had a really late or early (2:00AM)  flight out of Dubai, the hotel let us spend our last day using all the amenities we wanted, as we waited for flight home. I might not have had my entire family around for my birthday, but getting to spend it in a place like Dubai and at the Four Seasons is pretty special!


So Would We Come Back?

Absolutely! There are plenty of properties in Dubai, worth visiting and checking out, but I’m pretty sure the Four Seasons has them beat. It’s the perfect mixture of resort and city hotel, and is conveniently located. Everything about this hotel works and feels right – Four Seasons know their customer, understands what they want and flawlessly delivers. See you sooner rather than later!


The Four Seasons as seen from above

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