Holiday Gift Guide for Travellers

From exceptional experiences to practical solutions to traveling woes, this gift guide has unique ideas for the traveler who has it all!


Digital nomads and frequent travelers know that when it comes to traveling, less is more and that experiences are often times better than stuff! So what do you get the minimalist traveler that wants nothing, has little and craves seeing the world? Trust us, the options are a little limited but with some creativity and guiandce, there is a lot more than you think.

Whether the travelers in your life are stranded without WiFi on the beaches of Bali or looking for a one-of-a-kind night out, this list is sure to suit all of their needs. We have ideas for every budget, including crazy adventures and items that make traveling a little more luxurious.  


For Some Extravagance

Experience the beauty of Patagonia with Seabourn Cruises


A Cruise Through Antarctica and Patagonia

Seabourn (starts at $10,000/person)

There are cruises and then there are cruises! So for a bit of adventure and to see something very few people ever get to see, hop on a luxury cruise ship (think large and spacious suites, gourmet dining and incredible excursions) and sail around Antarctica and Patagonia.

Seabourn is one of the best cruise companies out there, so you’ll be in good hands as you get up close personal with penguins!  It is an expensive, but unforgettable experience.

Become a Secret Agent

Invictus Las Vegas Experience ($4,495)

We love to gift experiences and with this, you can find out what it's like to be a secret agent! Escape in luxury cars (think a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren Supercar, etc), shoot machine guns out of a flying helicopter and get access to a host of weaponry in a special night all around the city. It’s the perfect excuse to visit Las Vegas and live out your Bond fantasies…in style!

Dinner Reservations at the World’s Best Restaurants

Dining Impossible ($500-$2,600)

Dining Impossible is a three-day "eating extravaganza" in a different place in the world each year! Diners get to experience the world's best restaurants that would otherwise be impossible to get into unless you know somebody! They have not announced where it will take place in 2019, but in the past it has taken place in cities such as Barcelona and Copenhagen.

Gifts Under $1,000

Travel in style with TUMI luggage


Luggage Engineered to Last

Tumi Luggage ($895)

This suitcase has been on our gift guide for years - and for good reason! This luggage has never failed us in all of our travels and despite being through over 40 airports and countless flights, it still looks pretty good.

The suitcase itself is light and the material used is very durable (it will scratch so make sure to get a cover) and the pockets inside give the perfect amount of compartmentalization to make packing manageable.

Capture Travel Memories with A Drone

DJI Mavic Pro Drone ($1,000)

The Mavic Pro is a portable, personal drone that is very compact (folds up to the size of a water bottle), flies easily and takes some incredible pictures and video from above.

Chris and I love photography, and seeing a new destination from different perspectives makes travelling all the more interesting (and enjoyable)!

Make Every Morning Luxurious

Olivia Von Halle Silk Pajamas ($570)

Silk pajamas in beautiful prints...ahhh. These PJ’s pack up easily and make you feel a little extra glamorous as you’re lounging in bed, wherever you may be. They give a whole new meaning to staying in your PJs all day.

You can choose a pattern this is bold and colorful or go with a more classic color and print. PJ’s to fit any personality!

Gifts Under $500

Track your travels with a push pin travel map


Push Pin Travel Map

Holy Cow Canvas ($190)

What better way to keep track of your travels and spark wanderlust than by seeing a huge map (beautifully designed) that can mark all of your past trips and future visits!  

These push pin travel maps are ready to hang and come with some awesome customization components, perfect for hanging in an office, living room, or even a nursery to inspire travel.

We were originally going to put ours in our sons nursery and then decided to put it in our living room, so we all could see it!

VIP Airport Lounge Membership

Priority Pass ($429)

Long layovers suck and being stranded at an airport is even give the gift of airport comfort.

Priority pass is a membership that grants you access to all private lounges in airports around the world, so you can pass those annoying hours in peace.  

Trust us, this is probably one of the best gifts we’ve ever received!  It’s something we never thought we needed but were always so happy to have it, especially when we had unexpected cancellations and delays.

Overnight Bag

Cuyana ($21)

In addition to actual luggage, a large multifunctional tote bag always comes in handy. A bag that fits a lot, is easily collapsible and looks chic is difficult to find…

What I love about this Cuyana weekender is that you can use it as a weekend bag (think small duffle), or as a carry on bag for flights. Mine has also been used as a diaper bag from time to time.  It is a canvas and leather combination, so it is super durable and just makes for a great extra bag.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Bang & Olufsen ($499)

I'm pretty sure this is on everyone's gift guide and for good reason! There is nothing that ruins a flight, or travel day like the sound of screaming children, loud propellers or just chitter chatter. Noise cancelling headphones are a must!

Bang & Olufsen make some amazing speakers that are sleek and minimal, so it’s no surprise that their noise cancelling headphones feature the same components. These feel comfortable on your head thanks to the memory foam cushioning and lambskin leather...but perhaps my favorite detail is that they give you 18 hours of uninterrupted play time in one go.

Experience A Virtual Drone Flight

DJI ($349)

Close your eyes and imagine you’re flying through the rice paddy fields of Bali like a tropical bird, seeing everything from the sky as you weave in and out of tree tops on cruise control...these goggles will give you that feeling. Well sort of.

While your partner flies a drone you can put these on and get a view of the world as they pilot your experience. So if your traveler already has a DJI drone, this is a great accompaniment.

Compact Hair Dryer

T3 Tourmaline ($150)

Let’s face it, not all hair dryers are created equal and finding one, small (yet useful) for travel can be frustrating.

Luckily this hair dryer folds up pretty small and has dual voltage, so as long as you have an adapter, your hair dryer will work all around. PS: An adapter always makes a great stocking stuffer

A good find for those in your life looking to keep a stylish mane whether they’re in the tropics or freezing temps!

WiFi Hotspot & Power Bank

Skyroam ($150)

This little gadget is like having a tech survival kit with you at all times. When the power goes out, or the WiFi is really really slow, or you’re just off the grid,  this device can come into play.

The process is simple. You get the device and then pay by the day, with the same flat rate world wide. Again, one of those things you don't think you’ll need, until you desperately do.

Professional Quality Photo Book

Artifact Uprising ($70 - $230)

Photography is a big part of traveling. Whether you’re taking selfies, or like to concentrate on landscapes, what better way to remember your adventures, then seeing them printed in a beautiful book.

Artifact Uprising takes your photos, (yes even smartphone photos) and prints them on high quality paper, to be presented in a book format for prints that can be beautifully displayed. Their modern and upscale look, is what sets them apart from other printers. This is one of the few times a gift card is totally acceptable.

Gifts Under $150

Stay organized on the road with A Cuyana Wallet

Cuyana Classic Zip Around Wallet

Cuyana ($125)

Chances are your traveler, constantly has different currencies on hand and more coins than they know what to do with. So although this wallet is on the bigger side, it’s with purpose. With several slots and dividers, this wallet can hold different types of currencies, loose coins and credit cards and all the other random stuff that seems to appear in a wallet.  

I love that it keeps me organized while traveling - and nothing ever falls out with the wraparound zipper!

Diptyque Mini Candle Set

Diptyque ($105)

While traveling, having scents that remind me of home and different memories is comforting.

I’ve been using Diptyque candles for quite awhile now and I still get excited when I smell their different scents. These mini candles are easy to pack and really help make an Airbnb or hotel feel more like home! Plus these combination of scents are the best!

An Agenda that Doubles as a Journal

Graphic Image ($105)

I am a paper and pen kind of girl...yet as much as I have embraced a digital lifestyle, I just can't get away from my agenda. I use this desk diary to coordinate all of our trips (thanks to all the different calendar layouts), keep track of our different schedules and write all of the places we go.

It’s a great gift idea that can be made personal with embossed initials and looks great as desk decor too. While we’re traveling it’s tucked in my purse and at home it sits on my desk.

Le Labo Discovery Fragrance Set

Le Labo ($85)

Just because I travel a lot and try to be a minimalist packer, doesn't mean I forgo the perfume. I just can't. So if you’re looking for a gift for someone who has a passion for travel and beauty this is a great idea!

The set has several scent options and can easily be packed with toiletries or in your purse. Also this price is just too good to pass up, so you might as well get one for yourself too.

Water Resistant Backpack

Fjällräven Kånken ($80)

I was just introduced to this brand recently and since then I have been seeing it everywhere, all around the world. The brand is Scandinavian, so you can expect practical design with a minimalist look… perfect for traveling with kids and all the “stuff” that needs to come along.

his backpack is great for adults, but just so adorable for kids too. So if there is a kid on your list, who travels around, this backpack is a must.

Improve Your iPhone Photography

Olloclip ($99)

Sometimes the pictures we take on our phones come out better than the ones we take with our fancy and expensive cameras. So adding these different lenses to an iphone gives  different perspectives and really just upgrades the phone to a multitasking camera.

Perfect for the traveler who loves photography, no matter how advanced.

Stocking Stuffers Under $50

Stay like a local almost anywhere in the world with AirBnB


The Gift of Travel

AirBNB (From $25)

I generally don’t like gifting gift cards because they aren't really personal and it feels a tad lazy. However, an Airbnb gift card is different! It can inspire you to travel, and encourage the traveler on your list to try out a new place to stay, even if it’s just the next city over. It’s a fun way to give travel :)

PS: It would also be sweet to include a city guide book, or an ornament or bottle of wine, all from a destinations your receiver has been dreaming about.

City Guides

Louis Vuitton ($37)

With a catalogue of 29 cities, Louis Vuitton has created in-depth city guides to locations all around the world. You can find the best places to sleep, dine and to-do all with the Vuitton ethos of valuing quality over quantity.

This is perfect for the discerning traveler who appreciates a 5 star hotel as much as a street food vendor, selling the best they look incredible sitting on a bookshelf or coffee table

Jigsaw Puzzles to Inspire Wanderlust

Gray Malin ($25)

Gray Malin has a way of capturing the best beach shots from above and can create some serious wanderlust.

This is a great, inspirational travel jigsaw puzzle with 500 pieces and it’s double sided! Perfect for those cold nights in Iceland, stormy days in Amsterdam or just something fun to do on Christmas morning!

Create Holiday Memories with a Travel Ornament

Nordstrom ($26)

Everyone who knows me well, knows about my ornament collection! I try to collect an ornament from every city we travel to, and I look forward to choosing one that has a design that captures each city for me. I have an appreciation for beautiful, detailed ornaments, and this one is great!  

A great gift to give someone who you’ve gone on a trip with or for someone who has some upcoming travel plans.

The Gift of (Extended) Power

Native Union ($35)

This 10 foot phone charging cable is a practical must-have for any traveler. For one, it is great for airports and planes and those annoying times when there is no outlet next to the bed!  We love that the belt cable material doesn't rip or tear as easily as other chargers, and it works really well!

A Spa Experience at 35,000 Feet

SK II ($40)

This SK 11 Facial Treatment mask is like a little magical beauty potion elixir of sorts. If you’re feeling jet lagged, it revitalizes you, it rehydrates, softens and just makes your face feel good.

So for the beauty obsessed traveler, this is a must!

Stay Comfy at Home or on the Road

Heat Holders ($16)

Heat Holder socks are like Uggs on your feet but in sock form. They are fluffy, warm and will keep you so warm. They’re somewhat practical and a lot easier to pack than actual uggs or slippers. Any receiver of these won't want to take them off.