The Westin Europa & Regina: The Best Views of Venice

In a luxurious district of Venice, The Westin Europa & Regina stays true to elegant Venetian style while flaunting the most spectacular views of the city.


A journey down the Grand Canal will instantly illuminate that Venice is a city of constant sightseeing. Old Venetian buildings line the water, some beautifully decrepit others impressively preserved, water taxis dizzyingly cruise by, as gondoleros try to swoon tourists.  Busy terraces are nestled between colorful villas and everything just seems to be chaotic, yet organized, and utterly romantic. Cruising the canal, you simply can’t miss the sparkling white terrace and quaint balconettes of The Westin Europa & Regina hotel. Looking from afar, the image is picture perfect and once inside the views are even more impressive.

We arrived at the private dock of The Westin Europa & Regina, which is located in the heart of the artistic and theatre district of Venice and is very easy to get to, especially on a water taxi. As we made our way into the lobby you could hear the humming of shoppers nearby at Calle Larga XXII Marzo and the leisurely chatter drifting from the hotel restaurant, La Cusina. The interior of the hotel is exactly what you would expect a Venetian hotel to look like...a lot of marble and plenty of ornate fixtures lining the interiors.


About the Westin Europa & Regina

When we stepped into The Westin Europa & Regina, we had to pause for a moment to look around. Fanciful tile work gave the room curious dimension, and was polished perfectly beneath our feet. Murano glass chandeliers speckled the paneled ceilings and dark marble framed the doorways to create a classy air of sophistication. The hotel is made up of five 18th and 19th century palaces, which are connected by lavish walkways and corridors decorated with odds and ends that feel exclusively Venetian.

The oldest palace that makes up the hotel belonged to a famous Venetian family, the Tiepolos. Two doges (a kind of civil magistrate) and the esteemed painter Giambattista Tiepolo came from this family. Another one of the palaces was used as a theatre, once known as San Moisè Theatre. The complex of palaces first became a hotel in 1868, Hotel Barbesi. Since then, the property has been in various hands and different names but has maintained its reputation as perhaps the most beautiful viewpoint of Venice. Even Claude Monet mentioned during his stay in 1908 that the hotel (named Hotel Britannia at the time) had some of the most beautiful views in Venice. If anyone knows beautiful landscapes, it’s Monet!


Part of the lobby at The Westin Europa & Regina in Venice

The lobby at The Westin Europa & Regina in Venice


The Westin Europa & Regina is separated into two sections, Europa and Regina. Regina maintains a more classical Venetian theme while Europa employs a more modern touch. We stayed in the Regina Palace. When we arrived, our room wasn’t ready so we were invited to the bar for a cocktail to pass the time. We took in the vistas over refreshing mojitos, caipirinhas, and yummy bar snacks.

Even if you’re not staying at this hotel, we recommend that you stop by for a drink on the terrace to get the best views of the canal.

Room with a View

During our stay at The Westin Europa & Regina, we stayed in a suite with a private terrace. Everywhere you go in Venice the scenery is copious, but truthfully, the view off our terrace was the best we saw in the entire city. Our room had a lot of simple appeal - silk damask walls, gentle gold accents, and patterned oak floors. You can expect a full marble bathroom with Etro amenities and plenty of space to be comfortable. We especially like the grand Venetian mirrors and floor-to-ceiling windows, but the star of the room was the private terrace.


The room of our suite at The Westin Europa & Regina in Venice


After a long day of getting lost in Venice, we would grab a bottle of wine, some tasty Italian snacks, and unwind on the terrace watching traffic pass on the canal. Our terrace became our own secluded fortress, where we could observe the city in our own quiet, romantic atmosphere. The terrace was decorated with a lot of charm, including cozy furnishings and potted plants, to make us feel right at home. The only thing that would have made our room better was a coffee machine, so that we could spend the mornings on the balcony in our bathrobes, with a warm coffee in hand. Instead, we made sure to include breakfast in our room rate so we could get our caffeine fix and some fresh fruit.

Each morning we enjoyed cappuccinos, croissants, and a medley of fresh fruit as the sun rose overhead. You can also choose from an array of hot dishes, like eggs, hash browns, and sausages...but my advice - skip the heavy stuff and savor Venetian fare for lunch and dinner!

All in all our room was expensive, but for the best view of Venice, the price was appropriate.

Our terrace became our own secluded fortress, where we could observe the city in our own quiet, romantic atmosphere

Incredible views of Venice from our room


Lunch at La Cusina

One afternoon during our stay we sat down for a long lunch at the hotel’s restaurant, La Cusina, right on the canal. Although the menu is focused mostly on seafood, Chef Fol created amazing dishes for us without octopus (Chris is allergic to octopus). The menu changes seasonally, but you can expect cuisine that emphasizes modern Venetian cuisine and local flavors. Chef Fol is sure to support small suppliers that practice sustainable agricultural methods, and as a result his food incorporates rotating local ingredients.


The menu features dishes with a variety of fish from the lagoon, homemade pastas, and refreshing, innovative desserts. Definitely order “Four Ways To Taste The Venetian Lagoon Fish” for a creative spin on traditional Venetian dishes. Chef Fol suggests to seal your meal with the cheesecake, served with creamy yogurt ice cream and berries sautéed in locally sourced basil.

The menu features dishes with a variety of fish from the lagoon, homemade pastas, and refreshing, innovative desserts

Our appetizer at La Cusina - Four Ways to Taste The Venetian Lagoon


A Well-rounded Stay in Venice

If you are a Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), you should definitely consider booking this hotel. SPG members and loyal Westin customers that value trademark amenities (like the heavenly bed and bath) will find the same consistency here in Venice. For travelers seeking unprecedented views, The Westin Europa & Regina is the place to be. You can expect decent service, comfortable rooms, and prime location for designer shopping and artistic entertainment.

For travelers seeking unprecedented views, The Westin Europa & Regina is the place to be.

The Westin Europa & Regina sits directly on the famed Grand Canal

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