The Albertina Museum: Modern Art in Vienna

The Albertina Museum was the perfect mix of old and new. I loved how the collection of modern art was housed in such a regal and historic building.


Our first night in Vienna, while walking around and looking for Glühwein we came across the Albertina Museum. We found a staircase and walked up it, thinking we would be able to get a picture of the Christmas decor hanging above the streets.  At first glance we didn’t realize we were standing in front of the entrance of a museum, rather we were pretty proud we found a great place to take pictures at dusk.

Once we realized where we were and looked around we were so impressed by the architecture and Baroque style of the building we were curious. We saw a flyer for a Joan Miro exhibit being presented, so we knew we had to come back and take a peek!

While we were at the museum they had several exhibitions going on including the Habsburg Staterooms. The ones that drew us in was Joan Miro From Earth to Sky, Monet to Picasso, The Batliner Collection and Bacon to Richter. I love how such modern works of art are housed in such lavish surroundings, and I adore the mix of the old and new.  I'm sure that most of the exhibitions will change, so make sure to check out their website to see whats current.


Chris and I are both big fans of Contemporary Art and love seeing works by Litchenstein, Warhol and Klimt no name a few. Although small, the selection was well curated and interesting. I later found out that the Albertina has over 20,000 pieces of Contemporary Art in their grasp and wish I could have seen them all.

One of our favorite features of the museum (aside from the art) was the amazing view it gave of the city below and the Opera House. Wait until dusk, step outside on the second floor (at the entrance) and see the magic of the city under the royal blue sky. You won’t be disappointed.


The shot we got from out side the entrance of the Albertina.

For more information about the Albertina Museum, follow the link below