Aria Hotel: A Music Themed Boutique Hotel in Prague


The Aria Hotel is a boutique hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, that has taken the themes of art and music, and flawlessly integrated it through the hotel. 


When you step inside the Aria Hotel you can’t help but get the feeling like your stay in this hotel is going to be different — very different in fact — from any other hotel you’ve stayed in before.

The Aria Hotel is all about infusing your stay with art and music. Especially music. This is hotel that actually has an Apple TV in each room, each coming fully loaded with tens of thousands of MP3s for you to enjoy. And should you find yourself having a hard time deciding what to listen to, the Aria Hotel employs a dedicated music concierge who will navigate the the hotels’ vast music library. You can see that this place takes music pretty seriously.

But, listening to music is just part of the experience at the Aria Hotel — They’re equally passionate about art. From the hundreds of original illustrations of music celebrities that line the halls and rooms of the hotel, to the original paintings by artists like Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall, you literally feel like you are sleeping in the coolest museum you ever seen!

The art collection hung on the walls with such nonchalance, you’ll miss original works by Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall if you don’t look close enough.

Surrounded by music and amazing views

Upon entering our suite, I immediately saw Chris grin like a little boy when he noticed the Apple TV and stereo system in the room. We were told that we had access to the hotel's entire music collection which includes everything from Pink Floyd to Aretha Franklin and tens of thousands of songs preloaded onto the Apple TV. As an added bonus, we were encouraged to play the music as loud as we wanted (thank you sound proof walls!). Completely ignoring the fact that we had one of the best views in the hotel, Chris had the music going and was dancing around the room in no time.

Although Chris was drawn to the music and gadgets I as amazed by the view. We had large bay windows that overlooked beautiful romantic gardens. It was fall when we visited so the leaves were starting to turn and everything was still green and bright. 

Looking out our room and seeing courtyards filled with flowers against a crisp grey sky isn’t really supposed to be beautiful, yet somehow it is. I don’t know if it’s the feeling of being in an old historic town, or knowing that what you see is actually the gardens of a castle, but regardless it’s special and we felt it. Before we were ready to head out and explore Prague, I found myself wrapped up in a bathrobe just staring out the window for what felt like hours. Chris has his toys and I had my views - we were both happy. 


About The Aria Hotel

The Aria hotel is located in the Mala Strana district which is on the left bank of the Vltava River. Filled with cobblestone streets and historic buildings, this area is minutes from the famed Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, making it a very central and convenient location for seeing the sights of Prague. They have a sister hotel, Golden Well, located a few blocks away, that is truly romantic and five stars. 

The team at the Aria Hotel is very friendly, and seemed genuinely eager to help us and give us great recommendations! Within minutes of being checked in we already had a list of the best bars and restaurants in town - a complete necessity when visiting a town for the first time! And we actually liked all of the places they recommended — which was a first for us!


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