Bagllerina: The Shoe Every Female Traveler Should Own!

Giving up style for comfort? Not necessary! Finally a pair of flats that are perfect for navigating a new city, exploring museums and running around town! 


It’s no secret that I love a pair of great heels. So much so that before we left on our trip, I packed away 4 large packing boxes filled with my favorites…there were some things I just wouldn’t sell. I love the way they make your legs look, the colors, and feeling of sexiness that comes over me…I just love them. However they aren’t the most practical for traveling. We’ve all seen those girl teetering around cobblestone streets and attempting to hide that look of discomfort as they stroll around massive museums in their heels. Ladies it’s just not worth it. Whether you’re traveling for a few days, or looking to switch your lifestyle to one of perpetual travel, you must invest in a good pair of flats.

I came across Bagllerina shoes, when we were in Paris and fell in love with the bright colors. Most of my wardrobe is confined to neutral colors (easier to mix & match that way) so I look for pops of color whenever I can. A few months later,  I finally had it with my other shoes, so I gave the Bagllerinas a try. They are now my new “must have,” especially when we’re traveling through urban cities.


So What Are Bagllerinas?

Essentially they are ballet flats, that can be folded and squished, so that you can pack them anywhere. If you need to bring a pair in your purse, they fit in the smallest of handbags and even if you think you have no more room in your luggage, trust me….they will fit! Here is a little video of how they fold and pack.

One thing to know about Bagllerinas is that they run in whole sizes, so if you’re a half size, round up. I’m a true US size 7.5 and I got a size 38. They fit perfect and really are the most comfortable flats I’ve worn in a long time and because they pack up so easily, I can definitely make room for another pair. I love that I can wear them from walking around the city, to having a nice dinner without feeling like a schlub. They give me a little bit of sparkle and comfort, without looking like I live out of my suitcase and backpack!


Bagllerina has stores all over the world, or you can purchase them online: