EAST Hotel: Business Casual in Beijing

Calling the 798 Art District neighbors, The EAST Hotel in central Beijing, is a sleek business hotel, providing the perfect balance between work & leisure.


The EAST Hotel, doesn't take itself too seriously and that’s exactly what we loved about the property. On the outside that hotel is sleek and modern yet the team makes the experience casual and really inviting. They walk around in jeans and tennis shoes, the restaurants have no dress codes and the space is highly conducive to business people and digital nomads like us.

Even though the hotel has 369 rooms, it feels more like a boutique hotel, with all the attention to detail and great service . The furniture isn’t boring, the walls aren't drab and it’s the perfect alternative for those who appreciate design and space.

Even though the EAST Hotel is a bit more “business-focused”, it still oozed style & class and ended up being a perfect fit for us digital nomads!

Looking out over Beijing, China from the EAST Hotel


About Our Room

After a quick check-in we were lead to our room, which was a corner room on one of the top floors, and looked out to the cityscape...what an incredible view! Through our floor to ceiling windows, we could see skyscraper after skyscraper and as the sunset, the glow from the lights was incredible.

The weather wasn’t always on our side, but even on the smoggy days, the views were still beautiful. There is something magical about seeing Beijing from above. The entire city just seems to move in unison. So definitely make sure you get a room on a high floor and if you would rather face the park side of the hotel, that’s an option as well.

Through our floor to ceiling windows, we could see skyscraper after skyscraper and as the sunset, the glow from the lights was incredible.

Looking out over the city at the EAST Hotel in Beijing


At 370 sq.ft. our room was a great size for the two of us. We had a small desk area, perched against the window and an extra chair, so that we could both sit somewhere other than the bed. Like the rest of the hotel, our room was designed with a minimalistic approach, making the view the focal point. Simple modern furniture, natural wood and colorful art filled the space. Even our bathroom was pretty large and had a cool industrial look to it. 

This was the perfect size for two people looking for a place to call home as they explore Beijing. If you’re looking to do a lot of work, or need more space, the hotel has several room options available, that go up to 740 sq.ft.  


The bathroom at EAST Hotel


A Sleek and Contemporary Design 

We loved the clean and modern design of the EAST Hotel. Throughout the lobby we found contemporary art pieces, like metal sculptures and plastic dinosaurs, mixed in with comfortable seating -- perfect for getting a little bit of work done! Of course there is a dedicated space, simply named Domain, where you can have access to printers and iPads, or it’s completely fine to bring your laptop and try out the different seating areas scattered throughout the hotel.


Dining at EAST

With two restaurants in house and a mall next door filled with restaurants, there are plenty of options to choose from, during your stay at EAST. Morning breakfast was served at Feast, which featured an international buffet, satisfying both Eastern and Western palates, in front of a large open kitchen. We usually stuck to fresh salads and fruits, and I can’t forget their wonton soup, which was excellent! Lunch and dinner are also served at Feast, with daily themes, like steak night and seafood night.

The restaurants at the EAST Hotel featured a mix of traditional Eastern cuisines from China and Japan, as well as many western classics.

Our favorite restaurant at EAST was Hagaki, a California inspired Japanese restaurant. Being from California, I knew exactly what this meant! Not only would they be serving fresh sushi rolls, but the rolls would be stuffed with delicious veggies and fish prepared in a variety of ways. Although I love typical sushi (rice with fresh fish on top) I was really missing my specialty rolls and Hagaki hit the spot! We ordered room service from them a few times and visited the restaurant as well, where we tried typical  hot pot for the first time. Definitely a place not to be missed!


 California inspired sushi rolls at Hagaki


Gym Life

New year, new goals! So instead of setting a redundant goal of losing weight...again...I decided to make my goal a bit more realistic. This year I would focus on just getting started with working out and not focus on a specific weight loss number or exercise regime. Well the gym, cheekily named Beast, made waking up every morning incredibly easy and somewhat joyful.

Available to all guests and locals with a membership, Beast is more of a swanky sports club, than hotel gym. The machines are plentiful, the space is large and there always seemed to be available machines. I especially loved the dance studio area, as it was private, so I could catch up on my barre classes. They also have an indoor pool and sauna area, perfect for unleashing the jet lag!


What’s Around

If you love exploring new areas by foot and have an appreciation for contemporary art, you will be so excited about the surrounding area. 798 Art District is about a 10 minute walk away, where you’ll find a bevy of museums, galleries, street art and random sculptures. You can spend the day strolling around and uncovering hidden gems, or simply stop in at the various museums.

We happened to visit on a Sunday, when almost everything was closed, yet we were still able to find several shops and check out the street art. If you’re looking for cool graphic art tees, make sure to stop by Plastered 8. This brand is super popular in Beijing and have a fun artsy vibe to them.


Conveniently located right next door to the hotel (they even share a wall), is the Indigo Mall, with plenty of shops, a large grocery store and plenty of little restaurants inside. One of our favorites was Green Bites, which served some of the best dumplings we’ve ever had, with a focus on making them a bit more healthy...we might have visited there a few times :)

Don't forget to navigate the food hall on the top floor as well. This is where you’ll find the locals and a huge array of street food type stalls. You’ll have to buy a prepaid card at the front of the hall and that is what you use to pay the vendors. Simply walk around first, figure out what you want and how much it will cost and then buy your card.

The 798 Art District is a 10 minute walk away from the EAST Hotel, where you’ll find a bevy of museums, galleries, street art and random sculptures. You can spend the day strolling around and uncovering hidden gems, or simply stop in at the various museums.

The Outside of the EAST Hotel in Beijing

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