Hotel Muse: Amazing Boutique Hotel in Bangkok

Hidden on a small residential street near Sukhumvit and Silom street, is Hotel Muse. A stylish boutique hotel with modern colonial charm. 


Most of Thailand’s hotels are massive skyscrapers, but Hotel Muse breaks the mold - this quiet unobtrusive hotel might have 22 floors but it feels so calm and relaxing and…non-touristy. The perfect escape from the craziness of Bangkok. 

We checked into the hotel in a posh and stylish lobby where a bevy of cocktails and juices waited for us. You know to make the check in process a bit more fun! After the process we quickly went to our room and absolutely loved it from the start. The decor was bit “East meets with with the styles of Siam and France,” modern colonial is what comes to mind. Displays of rich leather trunks and leather accessories filled the room, while plush linens, textured walls and a glass wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom gave it that modern touch. 


Staying at The Hotel Muse

We had a bit of work to catch up on and loved how spacious our suite felt. We had a nice size desk and a lounge chair with a side table, that made it really easy to get work done. Being a digital nomad and living in hotels can be a bit claustrophobic at times, but the set up here worked. Plenty of plugs, plenty of space. 

When we did need a break, we headed up to the pool, which in true Bangkok form, had impressive views of the city. The weather was overcast, but lounging on those chairs, with our feet dangling in the pool was the perfect 15 minute break (ok more like a two break). 


The Speakeasy Bar on the Rooftop

Get to the top floor, walk through a secret passage, walk up a flight of stairs and there you have it - the Speakeasy. The views were absolutely incredible on the top of the Muse. It was quiet, very few people and you didn’t have to fight hoards of tourists to see the views. Before we knew it, we realised we had been sitting in our seat for over two hours and several mojitos later. You can order food at the Speakeasy, but with such an amazing Italian restaurant downstairs, I recommend keeping it to snacks or light apps. Save you appetite for Medicis! 


Italian Food in Bangkok? Only at Medici’s

When I think of Bangkok, I don’t think of Italian food. But wow, were we impressed by the dishes coming out of ChefNicolino Lalla’s kitchen. They were inventive, delicious and prepared with all the Italian flavors that we love. We choose to sit next to the open style kitchen as we love a good show, and before we even looked at the menu, we could see dish after dish passing through. The smell of garlic whiffed through the air, and my mouth was watering!  

Over Negronis (one of the best we’ve had, even in Italy) and in his thick Tuscan accent, Chef Nicolino explained each dish to us and in the end, we just told him to bring us whatever he though was best. We started with a simple seafood salad with “sea asparagus” and moved on to homemade ravioli stuffed with foie gras and ricotta cheese, smothered in a truffle cream sauce. Completely decadent!  Next we moved on to a piece of perfectly cooked steak with more foie gras seared on top. We shared each dish and although I desperately wanted a pasta dish as well, I just couldn’t.  I needed room for dessert.  

It’s impossible to make a decision of what to eat when you enter Medici’s, as everything just looks so good. Trust what your waiter recommends, or if you see Chef walking around, stop him and ask him his recommendations. You won’t be led astray!

I really believe it when I hear “Medici’s is the best Italian food in Bangkok!”


Perfectly prepared steak with foie gras seared on top.

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