Sky Pod Bar: Where to Find the Best Views of London

A modern atmosphere sets the tone, while cocktails and live music flow freely. So for the best views of London, it's Sky Pod Bar at 155 meters in the sky.  


Our travels have taken us to London, and before we ventured to Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, we decided to find a place where we could take the whole city in. So we found a bar with a view. And when I say view, I mean a bar on the top of one of London's tallest buildings, 155 meters in the sky, giving 360 degree views of this buzzing city, all surrounded by a lush garden...we were sold! 

I'm talking about Sky Pod Bar, a glass-enclosed contemporary cocktail bar with a rich interior, modern ambiance and a very full crowd.   Boasting artisan cocktails and contemporary British food, the dome is perplexingly exclusive; the gardens are free to the public, but you might have to reserve a table days beforehand in order to ensure you get in.


What to Expect

Yet as soon as we entered, my aggravation from the entrance quickly dissipated. The relaxed, romantic atmosphere of Sky Pod  will reward your patience. When we arrived live music was rhythmically pulsating through the dining area and the dim lighting gave the space a clean, modern vibe. Guests were dressed to impress:  ladies in stilettos teetered on the arms of their partners as they sauntered through the dining space. Tropical plants encircled us and the comfortable atmosphere made it easy to start conversations with those around us.

It will probably go without saying that the appeal of the bar is the view. The cocktails were a bit sweet for my taste and just okay, but the selection of wines make up for them. As does the cheese tray, which you definitely should order. We simply stayed in the bar and didn't go into the restaurant portion, but a quick glance at the menu, I wish we would have stuck around. Jerusalem artichoke and ricotta agnolotti and dover sole with scallop and shrimp mousse, were wishing I made reservations.


Cocktails With a View

The glass dome creates a 360 degree view, and on a night as clear as our visit you can see much of London from above. Looking at the brightly lit city far below us, we felt detached from the rest of the world. Your table will become a valuable commodity, so make sure to prominently display a “reserved” sign when you walk around. It's a sign to the waitress you are coming back. There is a gorgeous outdoor balcony surrounding the restaurant, but sadly the cold and windy weather conditions caused it to be closed it and we didn't get a chance to go on it.

Our next visit to the Sky Gardens will be in daylight to allow for some different views of London and the gardens. I'd like to try the restaurant as well and see how the food compares to other meals we have eaten in London. We'll be sure to go again!


For more information about Sky Pod and Sky Gardens, visit their website: