The Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok

Nestled between skyscrapers and tall buildings, you'd never believe the Sukhothai Hotel was in the center of Bangkok, surrounded by its lush gardens.


Staying at the Sukhothai is like staying in a tropical private sanctuary, only instead of being surrounded by a beach you’re surrounded by amazingly tall skyscrapers. It’s a little piece of zen like beach life, in the center of the city. 

If you’re not looking for the hotel, you’ll probably completely miss it. It’s entrance is hiddenon the busy South Sathorn Road with other hotels and city life happening all around.  A short drive down thetree lined drivewayand it’s as if you’re instantly transported to a different place. The noises of Bangkok drift away and you’re left in a beautifully Thai-styled hotel with manicured gardens surrounding the area. If it wasn’t for the random skyscraper peeking in the distance, you would never believe you were in the middle of Bangkok. 

Inspired and named after the ruins of the old ancient capital, Sukhothai, the decor is simple yet elegantly designed with beautiful Thai elements. Think rich teakwood floors, beautiful Thai silk draperies, Buddha figurines and lotus pools scattered throughout. In one of the courtyards there is even a beautiful array of stupas, only adding to the calm environment. Even though it's on a South Sathorn Road and central to everything, the sounds of the city never seemed to make it through the hotel entrance.

The Sukhothai hotel stands out amongst the other hotels towering over the city skyline, with its low-rise stature, demure decor and impeccable service.

One of the many Buddhas throughout the property.


Dining at Sukhothai Hotel

Floating on a manmade lake, next to the hotel, Celadon restaurant serves fine traditional Thai dishes with an atmosphere that is every bit as great as the hotel. I loved that our waiter wasn’t afraid to tell us when we were making a mistake with our order and was eager to tell us his favorite dishes. We tried everything from pomelo salad (which is still my favorite dish), to coconut soup, to the delicious pork spare ribs. 

I think this was also the first dinner we’ve ever been to, where we ordered fresh juices instead of cocktails. With fresh ingredients and tropical fruits, it was easy to skip past the Mai Tais and Martinis and straight to the refreshing juices. 


On our way back from dinner we caught a glimpse of ZukBar and just had to go in for a cocktail, the outdoor area was just to inviting. A little to hot outside, we sat in the intimate lounge and had great cocktails and conversation with the bartender. Thankfully she had enough patience to teach me a few key Thai phrases! Sawad dee kha and Khob khoon kha. 

A posh breakfast buffet was served inside Colonnade daily and had all the usual treats. Fresh fruit, the best omelette bar, (that made my egg white omelette perfect),  cereals,  and of course a few Asian dishes make up the line. Just make sure you don’t have jet leg and miss breakfast, like I did. It’s truly worth waking up for :)


Amazing presentation!

The menu is presented on iPads


Our Experience

Our room was very large and elegantly designed. It had the Thai touches we loved with the modern conveniences we appreciate. Nothing says welcome home than fresh flowers. As soon as we checked in we were each presented with traditional Thai garlands and even more impressive ,were the fresh flowers scattered throughout our room. 

Our palatial bathroom must have been as big as the living room and had all the amenities I love. It had a sitting area, two separate sinks, walk in closet area, mirrored walls, a huge bathtub and powerful shower that felt great after a day of sightseeing. 

From the moment we stepped out of the taxi to when we got back into one, we were take care of with the upmost respect and hospitality. Everyone was genuinely friendly and eager to give us recommendations and ideas on what to do. 

It’s hard to want to leave the hotel. The maze of Thai architecture has a very calming effect and begs you to just stay and linger through the halls.

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