Visiting the Vatican Museum at Night

Avoid the crowds, skip the line and explore the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, when you visit after closing time on a Vatican night tour. 


Going to the Vatican and visiting the Musei Vaticani is on everyones to-do list when visiting Rome and it should be! With so much history, art and architecture in one place, strolling around the museum is definitely something that should be done...but try it at night!

Visiting Rome at the end of May, is definitely not the time to go if you like to avoid crowds. It's the beginning of the high season and the streets are flooded with tourists. Everyone is flocking from one historical monument to the next, all while trying to stop and take pictures at every moment. It's crowded, chaotic yet somehow we love to visit during this time of year.


Taking a Night Tour of the Vatican Museums

With over 20,000 people entering the Sistine Chapel daily during summer, we were on the hunt to find a way to see the Vatican without the annoyance of over zealous tourists. We came across Dark Rome Tours  and after reading the description of their  Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums Night Tour we decided we would give the tour a try. 

The tour was absolutely fantastic! Although the museum was still crowded, it was far less than it would be during normal operating hours. We were able to walk around with our guide at our leisure and actually hear what she had to say. Even after visiting the Museum last year, we both learned so much more about the history behind many of the pieces of art, especially about Michelangelo. Our guide took us through a journey of his works, from his earlier days on and we were able to see the changes of the Master himself. Next time you stare at the Sistine Chapel, notice the changes from section to section! She was funny, informative and had a great way of making history fun. 


If you want to visit the Vatican but don't like to be around a lot of people, this is a great alternative. You'll skip the line and will have views of the Sistine Chapel with far less than 20,000 people! Watching the sun set through the grand halls gives such a different perspective as well. Shadows seem to outline the sculptures better and the grand halls of the museum come to life. So enjoy the sunshine, enjoy a 3 hour lunch and don't be afraid to visit the top tourist sights of Rome :)

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