No Destinations is a travel and lifestyle brand created by Chris & Danika Garlotta. Our goal is to share our travel experiences and inspire others to get out and see the world! 

About No destinations

In March of 2014, we quit our jobs, sold everything and left our comfortable life in San Francisco to travel full-time. Since then we've traveled to over 45 countries and 150 destinations -- and our bucket list just seems to be getting longer by the day!  

Our goal with No Destinations is to inspire others to travel more. Whether it's exploring destinations that are off the beaten path for most US travelers like Indonesia and Vietnam -- or uncovering new aspects in well known travel hot spots, such as Paris and Rome that aren't found in guidebooks. 

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we focus on showing a first hand account of our experiences with hotels, restaurants and unique tours through our photography. 

We love to partner with brands that share our passion for travel and desire to experience different cultures. If you have an idea for how we can work together, please let us know.


Watch the video Business Insider did about our travels. It’s been viewed over 11 million times!

Reach & Engagement

We have an actively engaged audience across a variety of social media channels. On the average, each post generates a 12.5% engagement rate, and 30% of our audience is reached by our our posts daily. 







Our Blog

19,700 Monthly Page Views



58% of the people we reach live in the United States


Roughly 69% of our audience are female


A little over 75% of our audience is age 18-36.


Our audience predominantly consists of active travelers.

Brands we've partnered with

We actively work with many leading hotels, tourism boards, tour operators, and lifestyle companies. 


When we partner with a brand we actively promote them to our audience across our social media profiles and blog. Below are some results seen for previous campaings on Instagram 


74 million people reached

1,400,000 likes and shares


*originally published in Oct 2017

The Conrad Maldives

12 million people reached

233,000 likes and shares


*originally published in July 2015

Qasr al Sarab

7.7 million people reached

155,400 likes and shares


*originally published in December 2015

As seen in 

We're proud that many of the photographs we have taken have been featured in leading travel and lifestyle publications.  

A little bit about Us 


Chris GArlotta

Chris has been working in the creative industry for 20 years. He helps businesses design and launch web sites, web applications and digital marketing programs. He has extensive experience in online marketing, social media, and digital analytics.  Immersing himself in local culture and visiting beautiful destinations is what inspires Chris to continue traveling.

DANIKA Garlotta

For 10 years Danika has worked in marketing and sales within the luxury and hospitality industry. She started her career at Louis Vuitton, was a Senior Editor for and most recently was Director of Marketing for a group of boutique hotels in San Francisco, California. for 3 years. She has a passion for well styled hotels and understands the modern day, luxury traveller.