Rome Cavalieri: 5 Star Views at this Waldorf Astoria Hotel

The first European Waldorf Astoria Collection Hotel, the Rome Cavalieri is nestled on the city's highest hilltop, overlooking the entire city of Rome.


We just landed back in Europe after being in the Maldives for a few weeks and decided to stay at Rome Cavalieri, as we waited for our apartment to become available. We thought it would be fun to settle back into city life by checking out one of Rome’s most prestigious hotels. We knew this hotel stay would be a different experience from our usual favorites, as it’s a bit larger than what we prefer and the opportunity for pretentiousness would be high. But what we found was a glamorous property, with stunning views and some of the kindest most sincere service we’ve ever received.

The facade looks like a 60's movie set and the interiors are as elegant as you would expect from a Waldorf Astoria property. Polished marble floors welcome you, statues gaze down and beautiful paintings from the hotels’ private collection are neatly displayed on the walls. Surrounding the hotel are lush gardens and lounge chairs dotting the perfectly manicured lawns…I think this may be the only place where so much marble is perfectly acceptable. 

Yes many guests walked around the pool area in their thick plush robes ordering rounds of champagne, (all before noon) but this is the beauty of Rome Cavalieri. It’s a place you can relax in style, be yourself and feel a bit of old-world charm.


6 AM Arrivals Aren't Too Bad

Arriving on a 6:00 AM (yes in the morning) flight, straight from the Maldives, sounds like an awful idea. Yet when you’re staying at the Rome Cavalieri, it’s the best possible idea…especially when the hotel is fully booked and you’re room won’t be ready for at least 7 more hours. This was our situation and it was all perfectly okay. We were able to pass the time in style and glamour as Imperial Club Members with access to the posh pool area and the Grand Spa. Let’s just say membership has its perks.  

Weary, tired and red-eyed we made our way through the large front glass doors into the lobby where we were whisked away to a private area, reserved for Imperial Club Members. Our luggage was taken away, we were handed keys to the spa and given an introduction to what we had access to, as we waited for our room to be ready.


The Pool at the Rome Cavalieri

The Spa at the Rome Cavalieri


Membership Has its Perks

Pretty hungry by this point, we made our way to the lounge (reserved for members only) on one of the top floors, where we had delicious breakfast, freshly made espresso and more lavish views of Rome. As honorary members for our stay, we had access to the lounge all day. We could come by for light snacks & cocktails whenever we wanted. Breakfast food was served in the morning, light sandwiches and snacks in the afternoon and the most incredible ice cream bar in the evenings. This was the perfect place to come to in the late afternoon, make a Negroni and watch the sun set. 

Once we were satiated we headed down to the Ground Spa to trade in our travel clothes for the comfort of plush bathrobes and the relaxation of lounging by the sunny pool. With the crisp air breezing by, we both cozied up in our robes and managed to take a nap laying by the pool as we listened to the sounds of nature waking up.

Soon those relaxing sounds were replaced by screaming children running around the pool, so we took this as an excuse to step back into the spa and see what services we could take advantage of. The large Roman style steam room was calling our names, where we managed to last for about a half hour. Hot and sweaty we then switched rooms and attempted to step in the cold plunge-pool. Now I know this is supposed to be therapeutic, but after about 5 seconds and only getting up to my knees in the freezing cold water, I let out a whimper and got out of there. It was cold! By the time we made our way around the spa it was already closet to one and luckily our room was ready. Yes showers and more nap time!


Our Room

One step out onto our private balcony, with a glass of champagne in hand, I knew we were somewhere special. The room could have been completely bare, or doused in gold, but I didn’t notice. There were unobstructed views and as far as I could see was lush landscape mixed with the stonework of Rome’s most prestigious structures and the beautiful Vatican dazzling in the distance. It was breathtaking!

Our suite was an elegant mixture of elaborate furnishings, comfortable nooks and incredible views. Honestly though our room could have been sparse and bare and we probably wouldn’t have noticed - the views steal the show.  We had a small balcony (which each of the suites come with) a large bathroom and a nice size seating area making it easy to catch up on some work.


Getting ready to pop up our sparkling wine


Tips & Notes

  • Rome Cavalieri is located a little bit out of the city center. The best (and easiest) way to get to the hotel is to simply grab a taxi. However, if you have access to a helicopter, that would be best as the hotel does have a private helipad.

  • La Pergola, Rome’s only 3-starred Michelin restaurant calls Rome Cavalieri home. Make sure to secure reservations in advance and indulge as the city of Rome sets the ambiance.

  • Aside from La Pergola there is also L’Uliveto, which serves traditional Mediterranean food, leaning mostly towards Italian. It’s located right next to the pool area and makes for a fantastic dinner “in.”

  • In order to lounge by the pool, you must purchase a pass (yes even if you’re a hotel guest), which includes a lounge chair and use of the pool area. The cost for guests is 18 Euro a person.

  • The Grand Spa does offer traditional services such as massages and beauty treatments from La Prairie.

  • There is a state of the art fitness center located next to the spa which has a variety of classes you can choose from, such as, yoga, Pilates, dance and more.

  • With over a thousand pieces, Rome Cavalieri possibly has the greatest private art collection in the world. So make sure you spend some time just wandering around the property and looking at the beautiful art pieces scattered throughout. They range from the 16th Century to the modern day, from Old Masters to contemporary art, from French antiques to rare tapestries, sculpture and ceramics. You can also book a private tour with their art historian.


For more information about Rome Cavalieri make sure to visit their website: