The Vijitt: A Relaxed Resort in Phuket, Thailand

While most travelers come to Phuket for parties and nightlife, anyone looking to just rest & relax will find the Vijitt is hard to beat.


Considered one of the best places to visit for a beach vacation in the world; Phuket is no stranger to loud and crowded hotels. Yet amongst the myriad of options, is a family friendly resort surrounded by palm trees and views looking out towards the Andaman Sea. The Vijitt Resort is full of traditional Thai charm and is a great option if you want to get away from the tourist crowds. 

After our arrival and few welcome drinks were were taken on a buggy to our two story prime pool villa! At 178 square meters our new home for the week had two large floors of very comfortable living space. the top floor had a lounge area, complete with a bar and a great big desk. Our large floor to ceiling widows opened up to our private plunge pool and large balcony, where we had great views of the property and beach.  The villa came with all the standard necessities - 2 bathrooms, a large bathtub, with large windows that opened up to fresh air and plenty of areas to sit back and watch the sunset. 

Our bedroom which was accessible by a separate stairway was on the lower level and felt incredibly private. The room itself was mostly comprised of floor to ceiling windows and when the curtains were pulled back, revealed nothing but lush greenery. I think we found our favorite treehouse yet!  The design was simple with plenty of whites and dark teak wood finishings. The natural landscape surrounding the villa, effortlessly blended in with the villa and our elevated position gave us the best views in the resort!


Lots of natural light in the bedroom

The view from the bathtub


Getting to Vijitt

We were coming from Koh Lanta, via speedboat (an other island a few hours away) so we had to arrange to have someone pick us up. It was our first time island hoping in Thailand and we both had no idea what to expect or really how we would get around. For a “planner” like me, it was a bit difficult to not know exactly how we would get from A to B and what the best modes of transportation would be. 

The team at Vijitt was amazing at being patient and giving me all the information I needed to plan our arrival. They were able to provide me with the best ferry schedules, they recommended the best (and most efficient) speedboat services and were really able to help me figure out all our transfers.  Being an outsider and not knowing how to get around, I felt completely at ease and confident that everything would be taken care of. And it was! The team at Vijitt delivered! 

At the recommendation from the Vijitt team we booked a speedboat from Koh Lanta to the main pier in Phuket. After a few hours we arrived at the pier, where we were greeted with a friendly smile and a nice large air conditioned car. We were given cool towels to freshen up with and after a quick transfer of luggage we were on our way. Looking back, I can’t believe how unorganised everything felt, when I was trying to plan our arrivals. Do yourself a favor and just let the hotel figure everything out. They won’t loose you and they’ll make sure you arrive safely and refreshed!


Exploring Old Town Phuket!

Without a doubt, Vijitt Resort was responsible for our best night out in Phuket. We had never been to Phuket before, didn’t know much about what we wanted to do or see and decided to leave everything unplanned! On our second day we were wandering around the property and realized that the hotel offered a complimentary shuttle into Old Phuket town. We jumped on the shuttle (reservations are highly recommended though) and went out to explore the town. 

At first we thought it was a going to be a tourist nightmare. Think a jammed packed street, full of street vendors, yelling crazy and just hoards of tourists wandering around. Eventually we scoped out, what must have been the only bar, pulled our stools onto the sidewalk, ordered some beers and sat back and watched the chaos in streets.

We made some friends with a local group who were taking shots of some type of amber liquid and took turns picking out street food. For the next few hours, we stayed put, laughed with the locals, tried some of the best street food we had in Thailand (I’m still thinking about the fresh veggie salad, fried chicken and sweet pancakes) and completely took in our environment. It was awesome! 


Dinner Under the Stars at Baan Restaurant

You have the typical options of a tropical resort, buffets and plenty of international and western choices. But for something a bit special and more intimate you must dine at Baan. The setting is what used to be the house of the Vijitt family. With its old architecture and antiques sprinkled throughout, the house (or restaurant) still manages to reflect and era of nostalgia and gives guests a glimpse of what old Phuket used to be like. The menu is purely Thai with modern creativity. Expect plenty of seafood options and Thai favorites with a bit of modern flair. 

We reserved a lovely table outside, so that we could enjoy the clear night skies and watch the sunset. For dinner, we decided we would leave it up to the chef to share with us his favourite menu items. Our first course was a seafood salad, followed by delicious Phuket lobster. We then had soft shell crab in green curry and Massaman lamb followed by Pad Thai with perfectly cooked prawns. The delicious menu items combined with the ambiance made for a great romantic evening. When you stay at Vijitt, you should definitely make a few reservations at Baan, you won’t be disappointed! 


Tips & Notes

  • The property itself is pretty expansive , so expect to get around on a buggy, especially on those hot balmy nights
  • Although the property is set on the beach, the tide goes out pretty far, which makes swimming in the water impossible. 
  • If your room doesn’t have a private pool, or if you need a change of scenery, there is a large infinity pool overlooking the beach area.
  • To get out of the resort, the hotel does offer complimentary shuttle service to different areas of Phuket. Make sure to make a reservation the day before as seats are limited.
  • Vijitt is family friendly, so you can expect to have kids running around and playing. 
  • For breakfast, there is a large international buffet…our recommendation - skip the crowds and order breakfast in your room. Take advantage of your balcony and the privacy!
  • Remember you’re in the tropics and in a foreign country. Power might go out, wifi might not work as quickly and there can be a language barrier. Embrace the difference and just look out your window and remember you really are in paradise! 

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