20 Images That Will Make You Want to Visit Lisbon Now!

Warning: View these images at your own risk. It’s not our fault if you find yourself reaching for your wallet, to book an immediate trip to Lisbon, Portugal!


Lisbon has quickly become one our favorite cities in Europe and the pictures below, prove my point.  It’s an old world anew, where historic castles meet contemporary archetecture and old windy roads give way to stunning views. Old castles sit atop tree covered hills, overlooking red tiled roofs. Charming neighborhoods with narrow alleys are the perfect place to get lost in. Amazing food, from traditional dishes (lots of steak) to Michelin starred restaurants are around every corner and let’s just face it, Lisbon is just, cool!

Before we even arrived we had heard stories of fairytale like palaces, beautiful landscapes, historical buildings and amazing pastries. So when we booked our stay at the the classic Four Seasons Hotel (known as The Ritz to locals) and learned that they offer a really unique “un-touristy” way to see the city, we had to take advantage.

We spent an entire afternoon touring Lisbon in a vintage moto-sidecar. Strapped into the old clinkering contraption, that was our ride, we set out to visit some of Lisbon’s famous squares and neighborhoods. Stopping along the way, anywhere we we wanted, our guide made sure to give us highlights of each area, while showing us the best aspects of Lisbon. This was undoubtedly the best way to see Lisbon...You could say we fell in love!

If you’re not into mass organized tours and want to see as much as you can, definitely book a sidecar tour and spend the day visiting the best spots around.

Can’t Miss Neighborhoods

You will quickly realize that Lisbon is full of very unique neighborhoods and little areas that hide incredible views. Here’s a quick list of our favorites stops. So whether you're traveling by foot, tram or vintage side-car, make sure to stop by each of these areas for a perfect glimpse of Lisbon.

Baixa: Modern part of the city with wide boulevards and skyscrapers also home to the pedestrian-only Rua Augusta

Chiado: The heart of the city with plenty of luxury shopping, cafes, and amazing restaurants like Belcanto, Sea Me and Lisboeta

Alfalma: Built in the 8th century, this is the oldest part of the city and miraculously survived the devastating 1755 earthquake and tsunami. The streets are windy and narrow and full of charming old apartments.

Belém: Slightly outside the city center, Belém sits near the waterfront and is full of historic buildings and museums. It’s also home to the famous bakery Pastéis de Belem, serving the best pastries in town.

For the best and unique way to explore Lisbon, do like we did and try a vintage moto-sidecar.

The skyline of Lisbon is a mixture of red tiled roofs, castles, fortress and bridges all in front of the bright blue ocean

Courtyards in the city center are pristinely decorated, surorunded by old buildings & beautiful trees

No detail is to small. Just look at the streets

Many of the buildings are still covered in bright beautiful tiles. If only this was still done today! 

Everywhere you go, are incredible views to be seen

Apartments are nestled on tall hills, like here in Chiado, and the bright colors and charm make every street worth the climb

They even have trolleys that will take you up the hill

Unexpected surprises around ever corner...this man played the most incredible music and was perfect for admiring the views

They even have an incredible Medieval church, that survived the devastating earthquake of 1755. Everything is still standing except the roof. 

The Alfama is the oldest district in Lisbon. Get lost in the mazes of cobblestone streets or find a little cafe to relax in

The Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge... and no it's not San Francisco. 

Pastéis de Nata are the most incredible (doughy, flakey, custard) pastries to be found in Lisbon. The BEST place to get them is at Pastéis de Belem

Why would you want to walk around, when you can cruise the city in an old historic side car! The best & most exciting way to explore a new town!  

At night, Lisbon lights up and the nightlife comes alive

The bartenders at The Ritz Bar inside the Four Seasons know how to make an amazing (& real) craft cocktail. Trust us, this bar is worth a visit, even if you're note staying at the hotel.

Endless views. Seemingly big, Lisbon is pretty small and easy to get around! 

This library, located in the Baroque Palace of Mafra, is only a 30 minute ride away from Lisbon and worth a visit. This historic palace is not to be missed! 

The town of Sintra, a UENSCO sight and only 25 minutes away from Lisbon is a perfect day trip. Walk around the historical Moorish palaces and be charmed by the other Royal retreats, estates and castles. 

Pena Palace in Sintra. What started as remains of a monastery, had been transformed into a bright and colorful Palace, occupied by Royals, until the Portuguese revolution of 1910. 

Views of more castles from Pena Palace

For more information on how to book a Sidecar Tour visit the Four Seasons Website:

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