Five Interesting Things From Around the World

Soon to be pet terminals at JFK, photographing the Top 5, perks of waking up early, secret European villages and the worlds most remote hotels. 


1. JFK is building a $48 million terminal that you'll never use (it's for pets!)

I don’t like to fly, so I can only imagine how animals feel when they board those long flights. Now if only we can find a way to let large animals sit with us in flight, everything would be good! To see more about this amazing project click here

2. Tourist Sights Worth Waking Up Early For

The only time you’ll get me out of bed before sunrise is to jet off to a new location or to see something amazing. These pictures from Travel and Leisure prove that the early bird really does get the worm!

Ganges Boat Ride, Varanasi, India

3. Where the Wild Things Are

An incredible photo journey of what it’s like to travel through Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park by the fabulous pair behind Hecktic Travels. Photographing the “Big 5” is so high on my bucket list and seeing these pictures made me feel like I was right there. Im so jealous! 

This photo give me chills - from Hecktic Travels

4. 25 Secret European Villages

It’s not always about Paris, Milan and Barcelona. Sometimes the best adventures are’t written in popular guide books! A few of my favourite small villages might be missing from this list, but it's given us some serious inspiration. Norcia just might be next for us!  

The view of Norcia, Italy

5. The Worlds Most Remote Hotels

Would you fly, take a train, then another plane, then a 5 hour car ride just to get to a hotel? Yes definitely, should be your answer! Ok so look at the surrounding area first and make sure it’s worth your while, but in our experience, the best is often off the beaten path. See the worlds most remote hotels here.

 Llao Llao Resort in Patagonia Argentina

If you know of an interesting travel story; whether it's a travel tip, a new must have travel gadget, or some serious inspiration let us know in the comments!