Cocktails at At.mosphere: Inside Dubai's Burj Khalifa

Soaring half a mile in the sky, the Burj Khalifa is the worlds tallest building, so it only makes sense that the worlds highest bar, is on the 122nd floor.


We love good cocktails. I’m not talking about a gin and tonic made with premium gin, or a fancy margarita. No, I’m talking about  craft cocktails. Wonderful refreshments that are incredibly creative, include ingredients that may seemed farfetch (like balsamic or tomatoes) and often takes a bartender months to perfect and at least 10 minutes to create. Now these are cocktails and this type of craft is what Chris and I both seek out, when visiting a new city.

So when we found out that the Burj Khalifa, aka the world's tallest building, had an impressive bar and cocktails called At.mosphere, we had to try it out. Now, time after time, we’ve been disappointed by the quality of food and drink by venues boasting impressive views. Quality is often lost, when businesses don’t have to try to hard, to get people through the door.  So a bit hesitant at first, we made reservations and gave it a try….It ended up being one of the highlights of our trip, with some of the BEST cocktails we’ve ever had.


Looking up at the Burj Khalifa


After we traveled up 122 floors, in exactly 60 seconds we were greeted by a polished foyer with floor to ceiling windows. The views were exactly as we expected - incredible and breathtaking. Now guests can opt to make a reservation for a window seat or at the bar. The price difference is negligible, so make sure to get a window seat. You’ll get a bit more privacy and if you're going to spend around $20USD for a cocktail, you better get the view :)

Once situated in our chairs, our waitress came to take our order. Although there were plenty of tempting concoctions on the menu, we opted to do a bartender's choice. We gave our preference of spirit and they went to work. Completely oblivious to what was going on around us, Chris and I relaxed in our plush chairs facing the window and just took in all of Dubai, as we sipped on our perfectly crafted cocktails.


Things to know

  • Reservations are an absolute must. Don't’ expect to just walk in and be seated, you’ll most likely be turned away

  • If cocktails aren't your thing, you can always visit for afternoon tea starting at 2:30PM, but you will be asked to leave by 5:00 so they can start preparing for the evening

  • In addition to the impressive bar, there is a gourmet restaurant as well.

  • To get to the entrance, you must enter through the Armani Hotel, which is at the base of the Burj Khalifa

  • If you want to see the sunset, I highly recommend getting the first seating available which will most likely be 5:30

  • Delicious bites and snacks are served from the same chef that manages the gourmet restaurant. So you can expect you bar snacks to be several steps up from peanuts and chips.

  • This is a very trendy, chic venue, so make sure to dress appropriately. Beachwear is a no no and men must wear pants or traditional dress. No flip flops.


To make a reservation at At.mosphere, make sure to visit their website: