The Best Flamenco Show in Madrid: Corral de la Moreria

A trip to Madrid isn’t complete without a stop at the famed Corral de la Moreria! Eat amazing cuisine, listen to traditional music and feel Flamenco!


With plenty of awards accumulating their roster, such as Best Flamenco in the world from the prestigious International Festival, Las Minas and being named as one of the 1000 places to see before you die, it’s no wander this is an absolute must do while in Madrid. Opened for over 50 years, Corral de la Moreria has presented some of the best Flamenco dancers and singers from around the world...and it's fun, a lot of fun!

We had heard so many great things about this institution and for that very reason we werent sure if we wanted to go. We tend to stay away from "touristy" places, so when we kept reading about how great Corral de la Moreria was, we just thought it would be another trap, offering an un-authentic experience. But once we heard their dinner menu featured things like, "perfectly cooked egg yolk" and "childhood memories of biscuits, milk and chocolate" we were hooked. We figured we would get some great food and watch some dancing...We have never been so wrong. 

We feasted on delicious, creative and wonderful food all washed down with equally satisfying wine and watched what I would describe as one of the BEST shows we've ever seen. The music was pulsating, the dancers tapped around with such ease and sex appeal and no matter how hard I try, my feet will never move that fast. This is definitely an incredible experience and I highly recommend checking it out on your trip to Madrid. It's the type of experience that will leave you shocked, amazed and wanting more. 

Yes it will be crowded, yes you will need to make reservations and yes it’s in ever guide book….but all for very good reason. Simply said – Corral de la Moreria is the best.


There are two options for dinner at Corral de la Moreria. You can opt for a private dinner (which we did) before the show starts in the "Gourmet Lounge," or choose from a variety of dishes in the main hall where you can dine and watch the show together. We choose to dine in the Gourmet Lounge after seeing the lustful menu they were we're suckers for gourmet dining. 

Chef Jose Luis Estevan, has been director of several premier restaurants including those with Michelin stars and it was pretty evident he brought his expertise in gastronomic cuisine to Corral de a Moreria. Each dish was creative and modern all while keeping true to traditional cuisine. You have the option of dining a-la-carte or choosing a tasting menu. Go with the tasting menu and let Chef make the decisions, you wont be disappointed.


Stand out dishes was the "poultry egg yolk at 63 degrees over ropa vieja (shredded beef)," the refreshing and perhaps my favorite "scallop salad with artichoke puree," and the "seabass with cream of spring onion and semi-dried tomatoes." Find room for dessert, because  the "childhood memories with biscuits, milk and chocolate," will leave you wanting more. Milk and cookies have never felt so fancy! 

Corral de la Moreria made a commitment that the food must be a main feature in addition to the show. Their goal is to not only be the “premier Flamenco bar but to also have a gourmet restaurant offering the very best in service. “

Show Time

Once we were done with dinner, we were escorted to our reserved table in the theatre area. Another perk of dining in the Gourmet Lounge - you dont have to worry about finding a seat at the show. You will have a private table reserved for you right in front of the stage - the best table in the house. The show we watched was Mosaic Flamenco and was essentially  a collection of dramatic flamenco scenes.

As soon as the lights got low and there was silence amongst the crowd, the deep strong sounds from the male singers started. Their synchronized voices, gave me chills and the sexiness from the stance was obvious. The dancing hadn't' even started and Chris and I were already standing in awe. 

Focused on the singers, I missed the dancer entering the stage...but soon his presence was known. The clicks of his shoes on the floor got faster, deeper and more intense; it was as if he was gliding in thin air. The way he moved, shook his body and just danced was so captivating... everyone was in awe.  The show went on like this, with each scene getting more dramatic and the dancers more and more beautiful. The costumes were elegant, traditional and seductive. They way the musicians connected with the singers and the singers with the dancers was so cohesive and a perfect symphony of entertainment. 



Corral de la Moreria is next to the Royal Palace in the historic city center and it's roughly a 10 minute walk from Plaza Mayor. If you'd prefer not to walk, there is plenty of public transportation options you can take advantage of. 

Once you get to the area, you'll notice the building by one simple sign they have hanging. You might also see a corral of people standing out front. Keep your eyes open as you might just bump in to Jennifer Aniston, Jim Cummings or another celebrity - their "celebrity wall" is pretty big.  


For more information about Corral de la Moreria make sure to visit their website: