6 Best Restaurants to Try in Kuala Lumpur

From fine dining to street food, the flavors & smells of Kuala Lumpur will excite any foodie. Here are a few of our favorite places to have a great meal. 


It seems like around every corner and down every street was a new place to discover the amazing dishes of Malaysia...and frankly International cuisine as well. Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur in general are home to so many different cultures and communities and it is clearly evident in the food.

We had some of the best Malaysian, Chinese, Singaporean, Japanese and Cuban food during our trip to Kuala Lumpur, that we can't wait to go back! My no means is this list comprehensive, as I'm sure we're missing a lot of great establishments.


Dim Sum at Five Sen5es

Like the name implies, Five Sen5es at the Westin truly invigorates each of you senses and has to be one of the best dim sum restaurants we have ever been to. We were served pillowy, doughy, typical dim sum but with so much creativity and different flavours, put into each dish.  We told the server to choose his favorites and to just keep dishes coming…let’s just say every dish was better than the last and we could have easily spent all day trying the new creations. Although this is a cantonese restaurant and other options are available, go with the Dim Sum, you won’t be disappointed. Located inside the Westin hotel, this is a popular place for lunch, so make sure to make a reservation. 


Lot 10 Food Hall

If you’re staying at the nearby Ritz Carlton or Westin (really any hotels in KL) you must make stop at Lot 10. Lot 10 is a large mall, but the basement floor is like a gourmet/street food/hawker/vendor/amazing area that serves some of the best dishes in KL and at really reasonable prices. The hall is popular among the locals and a few foreigners can be found sprinkled throughout. Dishes range from wanton soup, to fried noodles, to perfectly crisp BBQ duck and so much more. Come hungry, because there is no way you can only try one thing! 

My favorite dish is Hokkien Mee (delicious dark friend noodles) from Kim Lian Kee. Just look for the long line of locals and the smell of heavy charcoal smoke. 


Qba Latin Bar & Grill at the Westin

If you’re in the mood for something other than Malaysian and Asian dishes, then definitely make a stop at Qba at the Westin Hotel. Although they pride themselves on being the best steakhouse in KL, they are so much more that just a Cuban restaurant, serving up grilled steaks. You come here for the caipirinhas, the smokey cigar smell and the live latin music playing in the bar…and of course to have the best steak in Kuala Lumpur. Make sure to order the crudo de camarones (ceviche) as a starter and then delve into the trio of steaks. For dessert, have another caipirinha :)  


Gastro Sentral at Le Meridien Hotel

What’s better than hearty comfort pub food? A mixture of the best comfort food from around the world,  with a modern twist! That is exactly what is happening at Gastro, the newest restaurant at Le Meridien. Here you can sample traditional classics with quite the twist. A few favourites are thespiced oxtail soup, BBQ short rib Lasagne (my favourite), charcoal grilled lamb spare ribs or order the tiffin of the day, which is an array of curries served lunchbox style.

It’s a perfect place to meet up with friends or clients and have an amazing meal with equally delicious cocktails…all while being in a chic and cool ambiance. If you’re lucky, the chef might even surprise you with eclairs - definitely not to be missed!


Street Food & Dorian on Jalan Alor St.

If you’re looking for typical Malaysian street food serviced on plastic tables with chairs than you must venture to Jalan Alor street in the trendy area of Bukit Bintang. Just start at the top of the street and work your way down, smelling each stall. It was impossible to find the names of our favourites, so just let your nose do the deciding and enjoy the freshly grilled meat of all variations. If you’ve been wanting to try Dorian fruit, this is also the best place to try. Simply walk to any one of the fruit vendors, pick out your selection, make sure you wear plastic gloves and dive into the forbidden stinky fruit. 

Warning: Dorian burps are very real and awful. The fruit itself isn’t bad (sort of taste like a bitter/sweet pudding) but it sure does leave a bad taste in your mouth and smell on your fingers. 


SkyBar at Traders Hotel

Ok so this really isn’t the best place to eat, but it is definitely the best view in Kuala Lumpur! They serve cocktails beer and wine and have a small menu of snacks and small bites.  SkyBar is on the rooftop floor of the Traders Hotel and once you arrive prepare to be blown away but the amazing views.

The bar area does share the space with the hotel pool, making it feel a bit crowded, but there are private little nooks you can grab for some privacy. The area starts to transform into a club atmosphere around 7:00 PM so our recommendation - arrive around 6, have a few cocktails before dinner and watch the sunset from the best seat in the city.