Behind the Scenes with BMW in Munich

Imagine a place where you can admire vintage BMW's, watch new ones being built and even take one home with you... Welcome to the BMW complex in Munich Germany.


With impressive architecture and 3 grand buildings, the BMW complex in Munich is quite the attraction and of course a must see for any car aficionado. Consisting of the BMW Welt, the BMW Museum and a BMW Plant, visiting this complex is a great way to spend a day. Although you can opt to visit 1 building or all 3, we recommend planning an entire day to visit each part of the BMW complex. Officially there is only 1 museum, however each building felt like a completely different exhibition and were all different from another.   

Being previous BMW owners, we were pretty excited to see where our car came from and to actually see how a these cars are produced. 


BMW Museum

Located just across the street form the Welt, the BMW Museum is an extraordinary place to discover BMW. It's a place where you can learn the inspiration behind various models, see how they are designed and be taken through the history of BMW through their cars, from classic to conceptual. Built on multi levels, the BMW Museum has over 125 of their most valuable and attractive cars on display.  

The BMW Museum showcase floor had some of their most iconic cars on display.

The BMW Museum Architecture

The architecture of the museum was just as stunning as the cars and we thoroughly enjoyed walking through the building. As you can tell, a lot of thought was put into making a visit here, a complete experience, both visually and educational. They even had a really cool library where you learn about the history of BMW.


vintage BMW

The collection of vintage BMWs on display was truly impressive. All of the models were in pristine condition, an you could see everything from the first motorcycles ever produced to classic cars, engines, and even airplane propellers!

These were my absolute favorite cars in the museum! I can just imagine driving either one through rolling hills or along the beach ;)

BMW Concept Cars

One of our favorite parts of the tour was being able to see how BMW actually goes about designing and experimenting with new cars. The even had some "concept" cars on display, though sadly these will never be built.


BMW Welt

Built to feel like a floating cloud, the BMW Welt is a dramatic building where BMW can communicate with their customers and friends. Part showcase, part circus (we saw a motorcycle driver revving his engine and riding up stairs through the building) and part information center, the BMW Welt is a fun place to get to know BMW. If you're so inclined you can also go ahead and shop for your next BMW here, as they have one of the most impressive car showrooms we've ever seen!


BMW Plant 

This is the building where all the magic happens. Here is where many of the BMWs you see driving around, are actually manufactured. Everything from stamping out the metal, to assembling the frame, to painting and quality assurance, is done inside this plant in Munich. If you choose to come in and take a tour, you get to see much of this done in person! 

Throughout the afternoon we were taken through every part of the production process with expert explanations of every step.

We we're lucky enough to be shown around the plant by our guide, Peter, who was incredibly knowledgeable about the whole manufacturing processing and made the entire tour all the more interesting with his wonderful personality. Throughout the afternoon we were taken through every part of the production process with expert explanations of every step.

It was fascinating to see the robots at work, with sparks flying all around. We were shown where the parts are made, where the cars are painted and stored and every step and detail in between. 


There are several different types of tours and exhibitions available. If you're like me and ask a ton of questions make sure to take the private tour.