Cuyana: The Perfect Bag and Wallet for Traveling

From the Maldives to Amsterdam, through China and Peru and everywhere in between, the tote and wallet that have been with me all around the world! 


I have a hard time saying that the perfect anything exists...because new colors come out, styles change, innovation occurs, or my mood changes. BUT there are aspects of “things” that I find incredibly useful and important and make for the perfect “something.” Case in point, my awesome wallet and tote bag from Cuyana. I recently got asked, what bag and wallet I take while traveling, so figured it was time to let you all in on my secret. I turn to a brand called Cuyana.

Now in case you don't know (and you really should) Cuyana is a brand that focuses on the the idea of “fewer, better things” a motto that I am totally in line with. Well most of the time anyways. Since we travel full time, I need products that are durable, high quality and appeal to the fashion girl in me, something that is still rare in the travel world.

I first discovered Cuyana while I was working in San Francisco, their showroom was right next to my office. And in those last few weeks as we were gearing up to leave, I was on the hunt for the perfect travel bag, when I literally stumbled in their showroom. It was love at first sight! I loved the quality, the simplicity of the designs and the color options were fun and varied. So over the years, I’ve had a few of their pieces (more on those later), but the two travel companions I’ve come to rely on over and over has been their Le Sud Overnight tote and their Classic Zip Around Wallet



Classic Zip Around Wallet

I've always been a big wallet girl, mostly because I keep receipts, coins, pictures and other irrelevant items. I've attempted downsizing a few times and it never really works, so I've accepted my truth. I need a larger wallet to help me feel organized, carry everything I think I need and can even act as a small clutch when I'm in a bind. And this wallet does jsut that! 

The zipper makes me feel that my money is secure, there are dividers for keeping different currencies and a large coin pouch, perfect for those pesky large coins that are worth more than a dollar. Several little slots inside organize my different credit cards and the other random dividers, keep receipts, special notes and little photos nice and neat.


Le Sud Overnight Tote

As for my purse, it’s really important for me to have something large and that can wear a lot of different hats. It needs to be a carry on bag, a weekend bag, a beach bag, a market bag, etc. etc. This is where the Cuyana Le Sud fits in. It’s big enough to pack an extra pair of shoes and outfit, yet small enough so it doesn't feel like you’re carrying a duffle bag as a tote. It’s totally collapsible, so it’s easy to pack in my suitcase (although I never have) and the leather handles and details give it that chicness that I love. I’ll admit it’s not that best bag to take while on the beach, but it does the job, when you’re limited on luggage space!

Outside of the bag is a little pocket, perfect for items you need to grab quickly and inside are several other large pockets, one of which is zippered! I’m the type of person that can come off as bit disorganized if you look inside my bag (it’s chaos) so the zippers and pockets help keep my things somewhat organized and make traveling through airports easy. My Le Sud is also pretty’s easily carried 6 bottles of wine, a baguette and a few pieces of French cheese in it ;)


For more information on Cuyana and thier prodcuts, please follow the link below