Dinner With Mozart in Salzburg Austria

You can't visit Salzburg, Austria without seeing a performance of Mozart. And, a dinner concert at St. Peter Stiftskeller is a great way to hear his music.


We aren’t the type of people that typically go to dinner concerts, especially themed concerts, but something about this place looked pretty special. Maybe it was all the Gluhwein or hearing Mozart's music throughout the city, but I was eager to check out one of these dinners. I wanted to be charmed and I wanted to hear something beautiful and let's face it, I'm a sucker for pageantry.

After reading many reviews of various Mozart Dinners we decided to look into the Mozart Dinner Concert at the St. Peter Stiftskeller. The concert was to be held in the Baroque hall of the monastery cellar St. Peter in the heart of Salzburg. I was promised good food, authentic costumes all in a beautiful Christmas setting...and we weren't disappointed.

The decor was stunning, the ambiance was romantic, the performers were extremely talented and the food was delicious. If you ever find yourself in Salzburg make sure to make reservations for this event. If you're into classical music and good food, or just have an appreciation for music you don't want to miss out. 

It’s as if the town itself is one big musical instrument, chiming Mozarts delicate songs. The hills are definitely alive with the sound of music.

For more information on this dinner check out their website below.