The Dresden Semperopera: A Behind the Scenes Photo Tour

The way the actors and dancers move on the stage, the well-crafted costumes, I am enchanted by every detail. Needless to say, being able to go behind the scenes at the Semperopera in Dresden was a beautiful discovery.

I had been to the Semperopera around 2009 when I was invited to attend the Semperopera Ball. The building was packed with women dressed in gowns and men in well-tailored suits. Champagne was flowing and the dancers were gliding around the floor. Sure I was able to take in the atmosphere, but something about seeing the Semperopera during the still of day, with no one inside gives an entirely different perspective.

You can just imagine the beautiful events that have taken place in the Semperopera House in Dresden, Germany. Built in 1841 the house is still home to many prestigious cultural events.