Dubai’s Most Iconic Buildings, Seen From Above

Flying through the bright sky of Dubai, in a seaplane, is unquestionably the best way to take in this futuristic city, full of architectural masterpieces.


Dubai is clearly a testament of what creativity, wealth and perseverance can accomplish. Sprawling with massive, extremely unique skyscrapers and architectural masterpieces, it’s hard to believe that just twenty years ago, this city was pretty barren. Now home to the world’s tallest building, a manmade island shaped like palm tree (with more on the way) a hotel shaped like a sailboat and a futuristic skyline that just seems to get bigger every day. Dubai is definitely a must if you’re into architecture and of course shopping, dining and relaxing.

With a great appreciation for creative buildings, both old and new, and our love for photography, we knew we had to find a convenient way to discover Dubai. Walking around is a bit out of the question, as the city is just too big and the weather always varies from sweltering to unbearable. Taxi's are great from getting to point A to B, but to drive around would be very expensive and time consuming.  So when we discovered that Seawings, a private seaplane operator, offered a 40 minute aerial tour of Dubai, in a small group setting, we knew we had too book a flight.

And we were not dissapointed. The tour was amazing; we saw all of the top highlights of Dubai, and even discovered aspects of the city we would never have noticed on the ground (like how perfectly all of the neighboods are laid out!). If you're into architecture & love a bit of adventure, then a flight around the city with Seawings, is definitely not something to be missed on your trip.

Although I must admit, all of Dubai is stunning to marvel at, there are a few standout masterpieces that you’ll see during this trip. Make sure you bring your camera and don’t worry about getting a “good” seat, as all seats have their own window.


Burj Arab: The Ultimate Luxury Hotel

This is one of the tallest hotels in the world and is shaped like a sailboat because...well why not? The hotel itself is built on a man made island off of Jumeriah Beach and is connected by a curvy bridge. And of course it has it's own heli-pad, which can be transformed into a tennis court, or if you're Tiger Woods a small golf space. 


Burj Khalifa: The Worlds Tallest Building

At 829.84 meters tall, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest manmade structure in the world and probably the shiniest! It’s silver and stainless facade reflect light all day and you can see it from anywhere in Dubai.


The World: Manmade Islands in the Shape of the World

This archipelago of small islands off the coast of Dubai, all come together to form a mini version of the world. Although most of the islands (or countries) have been purchased by developers, only two are inhabited. Plans for the world, include private homes, resorts, luxury hotels and so much more. I can't wait to see this in ten years!


Palm Jumeriah: An Island Shaped Like A Palm

A version of this image, is what started my fascination with Dubai. The thought, the imagination and let's be frank...the courage, to build an island in the shape of a palm tree, that is fully inhabitable, is the ultimate exclusive luxury! Flying over the island and seeing just how large the space is, defies all rational reasoning. Yet the people of Dubai succeeded and it's breathtaking! 


What to Know Before Your Flight

Seawings offers several tours on their website, so to ensure you see all the points I mentioned above (and a lot more), make sure to book the Dubai Silver Tour.  But no matter what tour you select, the seaplane you will be flying in is very comfortable and all the seats have windows. The pilot will also do a few loops, so that everyone can see the same views. One thing to keep in mind however is that while cameras are allowed, you can not bring a tripod or selfie sticks! Between our GoPro and Nikon camera we were able to get all of these shots.

Getting prepared for the tour is pretty straight-forward. You must arrive at the Dubai Creek, Golf and Yacht Club, 45 minutes before your scheduled flight, Where you’ll be given a brief safety lecture and go over other flight details. The only thing you'll need to bring is your passport -- without it you won't be able to board the plane!

This tour is perfect if you want to see as much of Dubai as possible and photograph the various buildings. It’s a special experience that truly made us appreciate this fascinating city!

For more information about Seawings or to make a reservation, visit their website: