Stepping into Fall with Burgundy

Leaves are restless, the weather is getting chilly & I can almost smell mulled wine in the air! Fall is coming! Here are my favorite travel shoes for the season.


Traveling around the world full time, does come with fashion limits…Goodbye heels, goodbye options and hello practical and comfortable.  Although I still over-stuff and cram as much as I can into our bags, I am somewhat learning that buying fewer, smarter & better items is a lifesaver in the end. Spending hours walking around a museum or a new city in something uncomfortable gets old (really fast) and purchasing cheap items only last so long - you get what you pay for. So as I mature and try to act more my age, I find myself gravitating towards quality purchases that are much more practical than I ever would have expected. 

As Fall is nearing and we are moving into colder climate areas, I am on the hunt for new everyday shoes. I have my boots that are perfect for walking around and nicer evenings out, but I would still like something a bit more comfortable and better for long walks... and possibly even going to the gym. I recently rediscovered yoga and barre, so a pair of shoes that I can wear to and from would be ideal. Enter the chic burgundy sneaker.

I love burgundy, because I treat it as a neutral, wearing it with everything and it's not boring black. Here are a few of my favorites from this season! I think I'm gravitating towards the Nike leather ones. 

Lanvin Leather and Felt sneakers

These Lanvin beauties are posh, elegant and probably as sexy as you can get with sneakers. I probably wouldnt do any jogging or other fast paced activities in these, but walking hours on end? Yes please! 

Burberry Suede, Satin & Mesh Sneakers

Definitely a more sporty look, but the touch of navy and satin make these chic in my book. For some reason I keep thinking back to my juicy jumpsuit days when I look at these...

Nike Air Max Thea Leather Sneakers

A total classic given a modern makeover! I love everything about these Nike classics (although I do wish the bottoms were burgundy too. A great example of comfort & style going hand in hand!

Valentino Printed, Leather & Suede Sneakers

Ok, so these Valentino's  probably aren't the most practical combination of color and print, but the details! I love the signature studs on the back and hints of burgundy. Lets face it...leopard is a neutral!