Five Interesting Things From Around the World

Incredible art created on a typewriter, rare albino animals including whales and peacocks, what happens when you put shelter dogs in a photo booth & more...


1. Detailed art made from a typewriter

Meet Paul Smith, a 94 year old man suffering from cerebral palsy, who creates the most beautiful artwork, all from the keys on his typewriter. 

Some of Paul Smith's creations

2. Beautiful and rare albino animals

Leave it to National Geographic to capture albino animals in their natural habitat

3. Dog photo booth fun

An Animal Shelter puts dogs in a  photo booth to help get them adopted and the results are priceless!

What happens when you put dogs in a photo booth! 

4. Sarcastic travel hacks

31 sarcastic and witty travel hacks everyone should be aware of. I especially love 22 - you think you have fancy pants! From Geckosadventures

5. What not to do in Iceland

The dumbest things people do while in Iceland - like bringing an umbrella and buying bottled water!