Fullerton Bay Hotel: Modern Luxury on Singapore's Waterfront

Staying at the Fullerton Bay Hotel is a piece of indulgent luxury, all set right on the waterfront with views of Singapore’s colourful skyline.


As the newest addition to the waterfront, Fullerton Bay was the perfect base to explore Singapore for the first time. Sitting pristinely on the bay, the hotel is steps away from shopping and local attractions and of course the famed Singapore skyline is at your feet. It’s within walking distance to one of the best hawker centers we found, La Pa Sat and across the street is a metro station which can take you to all the districts and other attractions. If location is everything, Fullerton Bay is the best! 

The moment you walk into the Fullerton Bay Hotel, your senses areimmediately captivated. You’re greeted with the freshest scent of white jasmine and other floral notes wafting through the air, glamorous chandeliers hang from high ceilings and friendly staff offering the best recommendations as they proceed to check you in. 


Our Experience

We stayed in one of their Bay View rooms, which was incredibly spacious and had a private balcony looking right onto the bay and at Marina Bay Sands. In the evenings we would come back to the balcony with a bottle of wine and dessert and just sit and watch the water, finding a bit of calmness in the middle of the city.

As an added bonus, because our room had a direct view of the Marina Bay Sands, we were able to watch it's nightly light show each evening right from our room!

I don’t always remember dates or names but I always remember the way a place makes me feel. Fullerton Bay made me feel special and as if I was truly experiencing something extraordinary.

Dining on Traditional Singaporean Dishes

Singapore is known for their food. There are food halls hidden in almost every building and such a diverse range of restaurants lining every street. As eager as you might be to set out and explore Singapore’s street food culture, do yourself a favor and take advantage of Clifford Pier restaurant at the hotel. 

It sits directly on the pier and has the kind of grand ambiance you would expect from a fine dining restaurant, yet with a very unpretentious attitude. The menu is a carefully curated selection of typical Singapore dishes and a few other Asian and Western classics. Our advice - make sure you come hungry and go for the tasting menu! 


We took part of an 8 course tasting menu that focused on typical hawker style dishes. Each course was a full meal in itself, so seriously make sure you come hungry and don’t be afraid to eat only half your course. You’ll never make it to dessert if you eat everything :) We dined on typical dishes like wok fried carrot cake in sweet and spicy soy sauce, rickshaw noodles with simmered pork belly and slow cooked Wagyu beef rendang. Uni glass noodles with sea urchin and salmon roe, mixed in lime truffle sauce was something I had never tried before and the buttery lobster roll was probably the best I have ever had. 

Even if you don’t try the tasting menu, all the items we ate are on the a la carte menu and all were incredibly delicious and definitely worth trying . We were introduced to many typical dishes, that we got a good sense of what to look for during rest of our two week stay. 


Getting to Fullerton Bay

Although there are plenty of taxis waiting out front of the airport, we decided to hire a private driver from the Fullerton Bay Hotel for our 25 minute drive into the city. There is just something so comforting about stepping off the plane and having a friendly face greet you. We didn’t have to deal with the long lines to get a taxi and our driver handled everything from gathering our luggage to helping us find an ATM and snacks. We were welcomed into his sleek black Mercedes, where cool towels and cold water waited for us. 

If you’ve ever been to Singapore you’ll understand how scenic the drive from the airport to the city is and if you haven’t - you’re in for a treat! The sidewalks are perfectly manicured, the buildings are stunning masterpieces of architecture and nothing seems out of place. During our drive, our driver pointed out important monuments and explained a bit about his country’s history. This was so much nicer than a cab! 


Our driver from the hotel met us at the airport

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