The Golden Well: Prague's Most Romantic Hotel

Nestled at the foot of the largest castle in the world, this ultra luxurious boutique hotel is a romantic hide-a-way in the center of Prague.


Imagine a space hidden below a castle, surrounded by rose gardens, dimly lit and ever so romantic. A place where you want to be romantic, snuggle up in a comfortable bathrobe and just be taken care of…welcome to the Golden Well.

Originally built at the end of the 16th century, this special place still has all the old and rich and historic architecture you would expect, but with the modern touches (like an Apple TV in your room) that you want. With only 19 rooms, the Golden Well is the epitome of a luxury boutique hotel. It’s the type of place where everyone knows your name and where they seem to know what you want before you need it.

We felt pampered and taken care of, but best of all we were comfortable. Everything was perfect during our stay at Golden Well. The service was impeccable yet non pretentious and the breakfast was the best we had in Prague.

This small property is nestled around castle gardens and has amazing views of the city of Prague. It is also You can’t get much better than this!

The entrance to the Golden Well


The Location

The Golden Well is located in the Lesser Quarter of Prague and just a short walk away from some of towns most impressive sights, including the Charles Bridge, the Royal Gardens, the St. Nicholas Church and the Old Town Square.

A strong entrance makes a statement, and at the Golden Well their “hidden” entrance is the perfect introduction to what you’re going to get. It’s in a traffic free zone, so there are no cars, no noise, the walkway is cobblestone and except for a very small sign, you have no idea you’re entering a hotel. It’s private and discreet. If you visit during the summer months, you can use the Emperor’s private entrance that leads directly to the gardens of the Prague Castle.


The view from the restaurant at Golden Well


I can’t really pinpoint what exactly makes the Golden Well romantic, it just is. Maybe it’s the dim lighting, the peacefulness, the exposed beams, or the surroundings gardens. Whatever they’re doing, is working, and I can confidently say that the Golden Well is one of the most romantic hotels we’ve stayed in. And given the hotel's location at the foot of the castle, It was completely quiet during our entire stay. In the mornings we would wake up to birds chirping and that was it. Even though we were right in the middle of Prague, it felt like we were out in the countryside.


From the moment we walked into the Golden Well we were treated with fantastic service. Everyone was very polite and genuinely happy to help us and answer our questions.

In the gardens surrounding the hotel


Our Room

The Golden Well is actually 5 different buildings, that have all been combined into one -- so each room is a little different. Our specific room had a spiral staircase that took you to the bedroom where vaulted ceilings and comfy furnishings awaited us. Finished with beautiful Richelieu antiques, the decor is simple yet elegant, with that opulent charm found in historical buildings. 

But with all of its' historic charms, the hotel does not make you sacrifice modern conveniences. Each room is equipped with an iPod, iPad and an Apple TV -- which was perfect for streaming shows from our computer to TV in the evenings. And I am pretty sure we only turned off the fully loaded iPod to watch a movie and go to bed. Constant good music is a must!

And the bathroom was just as wonderful. Let’s just say Chris and I were in heaven here. Everything from the comfy bathrobe to the Molton Brown bathroom products to the extremely soft bedding, the Golden Well is a well deserving five stars.

I’m a sucker for details! From the quality of the towels, to the reading material in the room I look at everything when I get to a hotel room. I loved how the Golden Well had a chess table at the top of the stairs, good night treats sent to our room and specially made bitters in the bar! Well done. 


The architecture itself takes center stage and the decor is tastefully done.

Dining at The Golden Well

Amazing views matched with amazing food is quite the way to start your morning. At their rooftop restaurant; Terasa U Zlate Studne -- you're are greeted with an enticing array of fruits, snacks, breads and champagne! Snack on fresh fruit and champagne as you wait for you main breakfast course to come out. I never knew an omelette could be so fluffy and flavorful!

Although we only ate breakfast in the restaurant, we could smell the wonderful dishes being prepared during our nightly walk (think smoked steak and truffles). So make reservations at the restaurant (absolutely needed as the restaurant is quite popular amongst foodies), and try the “Royal Steak from Argentinean Beef Angus” and then send me pictures!


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