Athens to Venice: Cruising the Greek Isles & Dalmatian Coast

Highlights from our 7 day voyage through the Mediterranean, aboard Seabourn Cruises. With plenty of UNESCO stops through the Greek Isles, Croatia & Italy. 


As I sit here and write this, I am still a bit in awe that it took us three years to finally visit Greece! it’s been on our (never-ending) bucket list for years, yet somehow we just never managed to land there. Greece always felt familiar in my mind — the bright blue waters remind me of Sicily, the food reminds me of my favorite Italian dinners and who can forget Greece’s ancient and fabled history. I knew Greece…in my mind at least. So when Chris and I realized that Seabourn Cruises was doing a 7 day cruise around some of the Greek Islands we had never heard of, would take us through Croatia and drop us off in Venice, we knew it was time to visit! 

We don’t consider ourselves “cruisers,” as we often prefer slow travel versus visiting a city for a few hours, so we were a bit hesitant at first. But as we began to check out the itineraries, research the different islands, it became apparent — floating around from port to port was the best and most convenient way to visit. 

Below are our favorite highlights from the ports, the old towns and the beautiful waters we sailed through aboard the Seabourn Odyssey.

A  view of our ship, the Seabourn Odyssey as it sails the Mediterranean


Visiting The Acropolis in Athens

Athens, Greece

We arrived in Athens a few days ahead of our cruise, so that we could visit the Acropolis, an UNESCO world heritage site. To see something that was constructedin the 5th century was mind blowing. We had 360degree views of Athens from the top of themountain, yet we couldn;t take our eyes off the archtecture in front of us!


Magnificent Mystras

Mystras, Greece

Considered Greece's best-preserved Byzantine city, the Mystras (another UNESCO site) is definitely worth the 1.5 hour drive. Built during the Byzantine era, the archeological site is full of medieval ruins and incredible views of the the landscapes below.


Visiting the Birthplace of The Olympic Games

Olympia, Greece

Although Olympia is all ruins now, you can still feel the energy that the site once held. The athletes and spectators may now be long gone, but the sense of power and prestige still lives on through the fallen temples. The Olympic flame is still kindled at this ancient site, every four years. 


Watching Sunsets While Cruising The Sea

Aboard the Seabourn Odyssey 

Every night was a rush to find the best spot on the ship for the sunset. With negronis in hand, every moment was picture perfect! 


Relaxing on the beach in Lefkada

Lefkada, Greece

Lefkada is a pretty sleepy town so after a few hours of exploring, we decided to jump in the water and just make it a beach day! Cold beers, good company and  perfect water is all you need! Thanks to our friend @goldie_berlin for capturing such fun footage!


Getting lost in Corfu

Corfu, Greece

Corfu reminded me so much of Venice! It might not have had the gondoleros or the canals, but it had the color, the people and the tchotchkes at ever corner. This was the prefect place to wander around and get lost! 


Exploring the old Town of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A day is simply not enough time to visit Dubrovnik! The cobbelstone streets are old, the buildings are beautiful and when it rains, the colors and contrast stand out so beautifully. We will be back :)


Walking Around the Sleepy Town of Primosten

Primosten, Croatia

Towards the end of our cruise, the clouds started coming in...but for me this was the perfect way to appreciate the small beach town of Primosten. Everyone stayed inside, the skies were roaring mess of grey colors and for a few minutes it felt like we had the town to ourselves! 


Seeing the Best of Venice

Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most colorful and fun cities we've ever visited, so having our last stop be this maze of a city, was the perfect ending to our 7 day cruise. We only had a few hours before we had to head to the airport, so we made the most of it and visited all our favorite stops! 


Seabourn Cruises offers trips similar to this one, so make sure to visit their website for their most recent voyages!