Hotel Greulich: A Modern Retreat in Zurich, Switzerland

With only 24 hours to spend in Zurich, Hotel Greulich was a perfect slice of modern heaven to rest our heads. 


Hotel Greulich is an intimate yet contemporary hotel, with a strong emphasis on art and design. The minimal style is carried out through the entire property, from the lobby to the rooms, to the zen like garden of birch trees in the courtyard. You might find a lot of blank walls, but the Nordic-inspired designs and the abundance of natural light add the perfect touches to make you feel comfortable…it’s almost like you’re staying in a really cozy museum.

 The bright interiors and loft like style was so inviting and begged us to stay in and relax, yet only having 24 hours in Zurich, we somehow got off our butts and managed to leave. The hotel is located in a quiet residential neighborhood, just don’t be surprised by all the strip clubs and bars lining the streets. Despite the risqué business, the hotel was very quiet and we felt safe. The hotel is a ways away from the center of town, but if you don’t mind walking, it makes for a pleasant time. If you don’t want to walk to the center of town the tram system is really easy to use and the concierge are great at giving directions.


As soon as we got back into our room, I drew a bath from the oversized bath and scrubbed and soaked the day away. I love how there were no real walls in the room, rather screens of frosted glass to separate the bathroom from the bedroom…the L' Occitane products were a huge plus too!

Supposedly they have a fantastic restaurant led by a Spanish chef that focus’s on “slow food.” I wish we had time to try it.  A breakfast buffet is available at the restaurant but the price is not included in your room rate. 

I am a sucker for boutique hotels. I love the uniqueness of them, the individual style and of course the little details that make them stand out.

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