Hotel Wilden Mann: A Historic Hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland

Planning a trip to Lucerne? Then it only makes sense to stay in a historic hotel in the heart of this charming Swiss town.


After a short walk from the train station we had arrived at our hotel for the next few days, the Hotel Wilden Mann, which felt every bit as ethereal as the town itself. At first glance, the hotel seemed as if it was stuck in time, with a baroque facade welcoming you and historical architecture surrounding the property, we could tell this building had some great stories to tell, that were centuries old.   

Today's Wilden Mann occupies what was once seven separate houses and if you look closely you can see hints of its medieval past. Heavy wood separates the interiors, random hallways are strewn throughout and depiction’s of the Wilden Man himself serve as art work throughout the property. Old maps of Lucerne adorn the walls and carefully curated antiques and trinkets can be found hidden around the corners and hallways. 

By the time we had settled into our hotel, the crowds were starting to thin out a bit and the sky was turning that beautiful royal blue color. We put our coats back on and walked over to the Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) to get beautiful shots of Lucerne. We of course were distracted by the annual Christmas Market being held across the street from the hotel and the smell of gluhwein permitting the air. Being in the center of the old town had its perks.


Lucerne At Night


Our Room

The rooms are recognizably Belle Epoque with beautiful antique furniture and festive decorative details. Every room in the hotel is decorated differently, yet still maintains the same theme throughout. Even though the original architecture has somewhat disappeared, the furniture and style help bring it back in time. 

It’s not wonder they are part of the “Romantik Hotels & Restaurants” group, which is a unique range of establishments whose philosophy is to provide fantastic service and hospitality in a welcoming, historic setting. 


This dignified hotel combines a convenient central location with a retreat from long days of sightseeing. It’s charm takes you back to a time when stories of the Wilde Man must have been dailygossip, but of course, with all the modern conveniences. 

A real gem to Lucerne’s history, the Wilden Mann Hotel is like a preserved piece of history with all the relaxing touches you need for a comfortable stay. It’s no wonder their guest list includes names like Prince Rainier of Monaco and Sophia Loren. 


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