Langkawi Sky Bridge: Exhilarating Views from 2,100 Feet in the Air!

A trip to Langkawi must include a visit to the Sky Bridge, the longest free span bridge in the world! Nowhere else will you find panoramic views like this.


As soon as you land in Langkawi you will see sign after sign advertising the Sky Bridge. Large images depicting unimaginable views, while people seemingly sway on a suspended bridge high above the jungles. It's the type of imagery and verbiage that scream tourist trap and would usually be a major red flag and we would ignore it completely…but we just couldn’t. We’re suckers for amazing views mixed with a bit of adventure.

So as soon as we got settled in our hotel, we ventured out to the famed Sky Bridge. We spent a day exploring the beauty of Langkawi from 2,000 feet above sea-level and it was amazing. Talk about a birds eye view! This was definitely one of the highlights of our Langkawi trip and definitely worth battling the hoards of tourists.


How To Get To The Sky Bridge

The Sky Bridge is located on the west side of the island in Burau Bay. There are a few hotels nearby, but even if you aren’t staying in close proximity, every hotel and concierge can help coordinate your visit. Just hop in a cab, tell them sky bridge and you’ll be there!  We happened to be staying at The Danna hotel, which was just a 5 minute $5 cab ride away. The entrance is known as Cable Car Station and it’s located inside Oriental Village, which is a massive tourist trap. 

Our Advice: Walk directly past all the shops and hawkers to the ticket stand. There are signs everywhere, so you can’t miss it. Unless you like paying for over-priced mediocre food or have a burning desire to visit the 3D museum, just skip it all.


What to Expect

You can purchase an array of tickets, offering things like a private cable car, a combination of access to the top and a duck tour (whatever that is) and even front of the line access. We kept it simple and just got regular tickets. Once you get your tickets you will go through a bevy of pointless lines to get to the cable car. There are several stops in between you and the entrance, where more vendors try to sell you trinkets, and more programs are lined up. I suppose if you have kids, it might be interesting, but we skipped it all and walked strait to the entrance. 

The gondola ride gives you breathtaking views as you make your way to one of the platforms on the hill. During the time of our visit, the Sky Bridge was undergoing renovations, so we took the gondola as high as we cold and then had to walk a short trail to get to the very top and get on the bridge. Once you make it to the top, you are rewarded with the most spectacular views of Langkawi. If the weather is on your side you will have clear views all around. Keep in mind that the weather changes very quickly in Langkawi, so even if it’s clear one minute it might start pouring rain on you the next…but that’s all part of the experience!