Manebi Espedrilles: Are These the Perfect Summer Shoes?

Manebi Espedrilles have become my new go-to summer shoe. They're comfortable enough to wear around town, and can be dressed up for casual evenings out.


Ok yes the title of this post is a bit ridiculous -- can there really be such a thing as the "perfect" shoe? Well maybe not, but these Manebi Espedrilles are about as close as i've ever found! In fact, I fell so deeply in love with these shoes while on a recent cruise (ok and pretty must all throughout summer) that I felt they needed a dedicated post.

I first discovered these shoes on Instagram and was hooked by their classic look and the artsy vibe of the brand. The designers aren’t afraid to play with color -- especially neon -- which makes me very, very happy. They even do really interesting collaborations with other artists and different brands, so you can always expect something fun from them.

After checking Manebi website out a bit, and stalking their Instagram I settled on a pair of classic wedges in navy. We travel very light, so anything new in the luggage must be somewhat neutral and practical, so even though I really wanted to go for one of their neon colors, I felt like navy would be a safer color that I could pair with more outfits.


When planning out what i was going to pack for the cruise, I had resigned myself to sneakers and flats, as walking around a cruise ship in heels is not too practical! However, as it turns out, the wedge was perfect for the ships decks and somehow managed to give me a bit of balance when things got a bit wavy. I even wore them a few times at the different ports we stopped at and was able to walk around for hours while perhaps only complaining a few times :)

Plus they had a great selection of mens shoes, so I got Chris a pair of espedrilles too and he actually loved them. Chris wore his everyday and loved how casual they felt, yet still passed for proper cruise attire when he needed to dress up a little bit. Sadly as I type this, Chris’s pair have seen better days (he has almost worn them to death) although mine are currently on my feet and looking very good.

These shoes were the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. Not only were these shoes incredibly comfortable (without sacrificing height) they seemed to go with everything and made me feel a bit more glamorous! 

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