A Mekong Delta Cruise with Buffalo Tours

After a few days in Saigon we wanted to see a more relaxed side of South Vietnam. The Le Jarai Cruise offered by Buffalo Tours was exactly what we were looking for!


After a few days in Saigon, we knew that we wanted to get out and see some of the south Vietnamese countryside. The only problem was we had no idea where to start, what to see, or how to do it. Fortunately we got in touch with Buffalo Tours and they set up a great itinerary for us that completely blew away our expectations! 

We decided to try their "Le Jarai" Cruise, which would take us through the Mekong Delta, and as it turned out, the trip was exactly what we were looking for - comfortable, interesting, with a touch of luxury. 

During our tour we got to see so much beautiful countryside, and ride along the Mekong in a small private boat.

Cruising Along The Mekong

Taking this boat ride down the Mekong was definitely a thrilling experience for us. We were out on a long wooden boat navigating through dense green jungle like forests. Needless to say, Chris had more than a few "Apocalypse Now" moments during the afternoon.  Seeing large boats filled with coconuts was common and the smell of sweet and sour coconuts would waif through the air.


Drinking fresh coconut on the waters of the Mekong Delta.


Meeting the Locals

Once we made our way towards the countryside we were able to see day to day life. We saw how bricks are made (boring at first, but it turned out to be interesting nonetheless), checked out a coconut farm, met basket weavers all while taking various modes of transportation.

Visiting the Coconut Farm and trying Snake Vodka for the first time was definitely an interesting experience. The snakes marinade in Vodka and when you drink the elixir, you will receive superhuman sexual powers. 

The air smelled sweet and sour as the workers were preparing various coconut treats. From candy various candies, to liquor, to handbags, coconuts play a critical role  in the livelihood of those living along the Mekong. 

“The operators at Buffalo Tours obviously know the right people and the right paths to take.”

Getting around on a Tuk Tuk!


Aboard the Le Jarai

The last part of the trip was lunch aboard the Le Jarai which was delicious Vietnamese cuisine and had a mini cooking class, were we learned how to make fried rolls and most importantly - how to roll them!


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