Four Seasons Milano: Our Luxury Weekend Getaway

If you're taking a trip to Milan - the most fashionable city in Italy - it's only right to stay in it's most fashionable hotel; The Four Seasons Milano


The Four Seasons Milano is a little piece of heaven surrounded by the most beautiful shops in the world. Our suite was the perfect home during our stay in Milan and was exactly what we needed, after two really busy weeks of traveling every 2 days. As soon as we walked inside, it was if the lobby gave us a big hug with it's warm glow and invited us to sit, relax and indulge.

As lavish and elegant as the Four Seasons is, they flawlessly cater to all types of personalities and styles. It's the hand written notes, the friendly smiles, the knowledgeable Concierges and superb service that make this hotel so special.

The location of the Four Seasons Milano is perfect for serious shoppers. With designer shops lining the streets you can see some of the worlds best designs all nearby. The hotel is located on a side street so even though it's so close to a major pedestrian area, foot traffic was minimal in front of the hotels and never loud. 

If you're in Milan on business or for pleasure, this is the place to stay. Especially if you want privacy, comfort and that something special. We cant wait to come back again!

“As soon as we walked inside, it was if the lobby gave us a big hug with it’s warm glow and invited us to sit, relax and indulge.”

Our Room

As always, when it comes to a perfect nights sleep, the Four Seasons does not disappoint. Our bed was so comfortable and inviting. With Frette linens and down pillows, it's pretty hard not to fall immediately asleep. 

And in the morning, when the bed was frankly too nice for us to get out of we would order room service. Now, usually Im not a fan of ordering food in our room, as I prefer to get out.. However I will always order in when we stay at the Four Seasons. We could order anything from healthy to hearty to a Japanese style breakfast.

One thing that I always have a consistent opinion on, is my fondness for treats! I love coming home to our room and finding little treats for us, it's such a nice added touch. The treats that were left in our room, were delicious and beautiful to look at! Chocolate mousse left in our room one night and a "make your own cocktail" on a different night.


The Concierge Team

Flowers being delivered, packages being dropped off, guests calling and people meandering around, the Concierge team reacts as if you're the only person in the room despite the busy atmosphere.  This team is first class, poised and really down to earth. 

Chris and I wanted to get out and see the town, and find a really charming place for aperitivos. We were in the mood for something low key and relaxed. As soon as we walked up and asked the Concierge for a few recommendations they immediately got together, asked us a few questions and gave us a detailed list of their top places. Surprised by the quick reactions and detailed map we were soon on our way. 

Out of the 11 recommendations we received over the course of our stay, we went to 10 of the restaurants, bars and events the Concierge team recommended.  Every place we went was better than the last and the team really understood our desire for "off the beaten path" and "non-touristy" types of places. After working in the hospitality industry I know how difficult it is to find that perfect Concierge, the face of the hotel. They are the people who guests interact with the most and their opinions can make or break the guest several experience. Thank you to the Concierge team for helping us discover Milan.


The Rossano Feretti Salon at The Four Seasons

After a string of boring, simple haircuts since we left San Francisco, I was craving a bit of style and bounce for my hair. I'm really low maintenance when it comes to my hair... I simply don't have the patience to blow it dry and style it for an hour every day. So after hearing about the fabulous Giusy, the manager of the Four Seasons Hair Salon - Rossano Ferretti, I knew I had to see her. 

After a long relaxing shampoo, I was moved to Giusy's chair in the small salon, where she quickly went to work. Sitting in the chair, listening (and not understanding) to the chit chat going on, I must have had the biggest grin on my face. I felt pampered and sexy and she hadn't even finished cutting. 


The amazing shampoo that lasted for what felt like hours.

This was my view from the spa waiting area.


What I loved most, was that my cut was personalized just for me. It wasn't a trendy style and never once did Giusy try to get overly creative. Knowing very few words in Italian, we somehow managed to communicate wonderfully and Giusy just seemed to know exactly what I wanted.  She enhanced my features, understood my need for simplicity, and made me feel wonderful! I even got a wow from Chris when I got back to the room.

The Rossano Ferreti Salon inside the Four Seasons Milano - while small - is very efficient. The hairstylists are masters and have been trained extensively before being able to work at Rossano Ferreti. With locations around the world, I cant wait to go back wherever I might end up. But, hopefully it will be back in Milan!


My hair after a blow dry and styling! Thanks Giusy.


Aperitivos at Il Foyer

After being away from Italy for 6 months we were craving pizza, pasta and aperitivo! "Aperitivo" is probably one of our favorite traditions in Italy and something that we do at home often. If you know Chris and I at all, you know that we are passionate about a good cocktail, especially if Mezcal and unique spirits are involved. Pair that with delicious pre-dinner snacks and we're happy. 

So when we were invited to have aperitivos at Il Foyer near the lobby at the Four Seasons Milano we said yes with absolutely no hesitation. 


The mastermind behind the excellent cocktail program at Il Foyer is Luca Marcellin. His expertise and passion is evident in his clever cocktails and his customer service is high-level, especially after having to answer my 100 questions of, "what is that?" "what are you doing?", " why are you doing that?". 

This is a place where you can be seen, or discreetly sit in the corner on a deep sofa and watch chic Milan come to life. The vibe is relaxed yet very cool. Its the perfect place to meet friends, have a date, or just do what we did; relax, and have a few amazing cocktails before dinner!

“Aperitivo” is probably one of our favorite traditions in Italy and something that we do at home often.

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