Nahm Restaurant: The Best Thai Food in Bangkok?

Considered to be one of the best restaurants in the world and perhaps the best in South East Asia, we sat down for a lunch tasting menu at Nahm. 


We were told there was a dress code and that we would have to come dressed up, but in 99 degree weather and 100% humidity that was an almost impossible task to ask of us. Neverless we did our best and set out to try one of the best restaurants in the world. Hey, we were curious :) 

Located inside the Como Metropolitan Hotel off the busy street of South Sathorn Road is the famed restaurant Nahm. It's not a spectacular location and there aren't any rooftop views but that is completely okay. Nahm doesn't need the fancy grandeur of being perched on a rooftop. Their food speaks volumes and their hard to get reservations makes it obvious, they're here to stay and feed the foodie in us all. 


We had their lunch tasting menu which consisted of an array of Thai dishes that were all absolutely delicious. We started with prawn and coconut wafers with pickled ginger blue swimmer crab and a salad of fresh river prawns with pork and Asian pennywort. Next we moved on to several dishes that were served family style. Our dishes included,  clear soup of roast duck with thai basil and young coconut, a plate of minced chicken curry and stir-fried pork with dried prawns, apple and eggplants. Dessert was a selection of Thai specialties and fresh mangosteen.  

Seemingly simple, yet highly creative, Chef David Thompson’s prepares "intensely flavoured dishes attuned to ingredients that simply cannot be found outside of the country." Our favorite had to have been the prawn and coconut wafers with pickled ginger, blue swimmer crab, peanuts and pickled garlic on rice cakes.  A plate of these "taco" like bites and a bucket of ice cold beer, sitting on the edge of a Thai beach is my version of heaven.

At Nahm restaurant, Thai cuisine is showcased by using some of the best market-fresh produce in the world, all carefully put together by Executive Chef David Thompson and his experienced team

To make reservations at Nahm, located at Como Metropolitan, check out their website: