Pestana Palace: A Lisbon Hotel Fit for Royals

This 19th century Palace, has been extensively renovated, to unveil a time of glamour and prestige, giving current guests a glimpse into the royal past of yesteryear.


Travel to Portugal should be on the top of everyones travel bucket list. Whether you’re looking to escape to a remote beach, take in the countryside, or explore the vibrant & bustling capitol, Lisbon.  Portugal just checks off all the boxes. 

With plenty of luxury accommodations dotting the coastline, it’s easy to choose a great hotel for your stay. But to find a place that’s unique, historical and simply stunning is a bit more rare. Pestana Palace,  the former 19th century Palace of the Marquises, has all the historical charm you could think of, complete with restored artwork, grand chandeliers and royal furnishings filling every bit of space. There are 193 rooms and 4 of which are extravagant royal suites, meant to make you feel like you’re living like a royal. 

So for a bit of Royal charm and pampering, go to Pestana Palace nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood. You can stay in the more modern suites located in the new addition, or opt to reserve one of the 4 royal suites and rest your head surrounded by all the beauty and romance of the 19th century. Oh and did I mention that these suites are the prime choices for Prince, Madonna and even David Beckham. 


One of the private dining rooms inside the palace


Elegance and Grandeur at Pestana Palace

Pestana Palace, ticks all the boxes: stunning views looking over Lisbon and the 25 de Abril Bridge, unique design elements, friendly service, fantastic cuisine and a regal bar, perfect for chatting the night away.  This private Palace in Lisbon invites you into a royal world, a place where you’ll momentarily be transported to a different era. A time of elegance, grandeur and refinement…with all the modern amenities of course. 

Here, romantic honeymooners, food lovers, business executives, happy families and even Prince coexist harmoniously. So whether you need a room for a business, adventure, or are seeking honeymoon heaven, Pestana Palace is a perfect choice. Offering comfortable elegance, this Royal residence doesn’t disappoint.


Period Details Abound

Walking towards our royal suite, I became immediately distracted by the grandeur of the Palace. Rich hues of maroon, emerald, gold and navy were flawlessly mixed with era-appropriate furniture,  and flanked by heavy curtains covering the windows for a dramatic effect. Baroque furniture filled every space and the detailed carvings and indicate artwork made it feel as if I was walking through the Palace of Versailles. Every detail was carefully curated and every bit of ostentatious design element was stunningly beautiful. I couldn’t believe this would be our home for the next few days. 

As we walked into our royal suite, not much changed. We were faced with even more beautiful details with the only difference being, we could call this suite home. We had a large sitting area, with a desk and comfortable furniture. Our bedroom was straight out of a fairytale, and the modern amenities gave us all the comforts we needed. The windows looked out onto the Tagus river as our private balcony faced the gardens. Our suite begged us to stay in and relax and that’s exactly what we did. 


Our our spacious one bedroom suite


Dining at Pestana Palace

We’re big fans of delicious cuisine and a great cocktail (hard to find in many parts of the world), so when we were greeted with freshly made cocktails at lunch, using really fruit and no artificial sweeteners, you could say it was lust at first sight. Perfectly concocted cocktail in hand, we took a seat in Allegro Bar, the hotels go to bar and lounge area, and prepared to feast like the royals we were (for the next few days anyway).  Allegro Bar offers gourmet pub type food, with unmistakable Portuguese influence. Think perfectly seasoned ceviche, juicy cuts of steak and flavorful salads. It’s easy to spend the day, feasting, lounging and sipping cocktails. 

Although Lisbon, is known for high profile restaurants and you might be tempted to leave the hotel for dinner, don’t! At least for one night, you must dine at Valle Flôr, the hotels fine dining restaurant.

Perfectly cooked fresh fish from Valle Flôr


Featuring a menu of traditional Portuguese cuisine and cooking styles, Valle Flôr is without a doubt one of the best hotel restaurants we’ve been to. It’s a place where the noble dishes of Portugal are given a modern makeover, using only the best seasonal and local produce. The talent is unmistakable as every dish is elegantly presented and the creativity apparent. Although the menu changes seasonally, you will most likely always find fresh fish and savory steak options. This is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion in an intimate and majestic setting. It’s like you’re dining in a Royal Palace…oh wait you are! 

Breakfast is another fancy affair as the extensive buffet is served in the Palace section of the hotel.  Healthy options such as fresh fruit and yogurt are accompanied by warm dishes of eggs, bacon and all the other usuals. 


What to do During your Stay

Pestana Palace is located near plenty of famous monuments, such as the Centro Cultural de Belém (where you an get the famed pastéis de Belem), the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and the Centro de Congressos. Trendy neidhgbhrhoods like Chiado and Alfama are just a short cab ride away and the perfect place to go shopping or try one of the numerous delicious restaurants in the area. So if you can manage to tear yourself away from your royal living quarters, rest assured everything is close by. 

Of course if you want to stay at the property, there is plenty of relaxation to be done.  For de-stressing or for a great pick me up, make sure to book a few spa treatments at the Magic Spa and don’t forget the couples massage. Using techniques from around the world, your masseuse will make sure to soothe you back to reality as they use exotic oils to help the de-stressing process.  

As you make your way to or from the spa you can always stop by gorgeous pool area, surrounded by the lush gardens of the palace. This is the perfect place to sun-bathe or enjoy some light snacks and cocktails at Casa do Lago, the Oriental Pavillion on site. 


The entrance to Pestana Palace in Lisbon, Portugal

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