Shinta Mani Club: A Boutique Luxury Hotel in Siem Reap

Run & operated by locals, Shinta Mani Club is a luxurious boutique hotel in the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia offering much more than just hospitality.


After a long flight and even longer line waiting to get a Visa on arrival, we had made it to Siem Reap. I was going to be checking a big item off my bucket list and I was overjoyed. It had been a dream of mine to visit Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor and finally it was all happening.

As soon as we made our way through the airport, we were greeted by the warmest, biggest smiles from a few members of the Shinta Mani team, who were waiting to pick us up. They brought us to the car, offered us ice cold water and cold toilettes to freshen up. Their smiles were just infections, as they shared stories with us about Cambodia’s history and pointed out important structures and gave us tips on where to go…what a way to be welcomed :)



Shinta Mani actually has two hotels located directly across from each other. There is the Shinta Mani Resort, which seems more family friendly and then the Shinta Mani Club, which is smaller and a bit more romantic. We stayed at the Club, which is made up of 39 rooms all created by using the Angkor temples as inspiration. 

Dark alcoves hide blessings from monks, that are written on the walls and thesoft glow of large candles line the hallway. Scattered throughout are well-curated objects and artifacts and long flowing sheer white panels hang from the ceiling. Around every corner are beautiful lotus flowers, displayed in arrangements. The entire property in general, just feels ethereal. 

Our room was impeccably designed with a simplistic yet modern vibe. The hardwood floors, pops of orange and vivid art, gave the entire space a comfortable and relaxing feeling. We had some work we had to do during our stay, so the small table and chairs under the window was a welcome change from the standard small desks, typically found in hotels.

I can’t pinpoint why I love this hotel so much but maybe that’s just it…it’s the combination of everything that makes Shinta Mani Club so special. They don’t just do one thing right, they do it all right.

What to Do

Shinta Mani is located right in the center of Siem Reap, within walking distance of shops, restaurants and the famed, Pub Street. Sometimes the heat can be a bit intense, so fortunately it’s really easy to call a taxi or grab a tuk-tuk to take you around. Its central location is ideal if you plan to visit the temples of Angkor and only a 15 min ride away.

During the day we would go out exploring and then come back to the hotel to cool off. We would lounge under the shade poolside, sipping on fresh juice and cold beers. 

Another option is to check out the “Well Made in Cambodia” market (with over 50 stalls!) at the Shinta Mani Resort, held every Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. There you can visit local artisans and designers who come together to showcase their craftsmanship through unique and beautiful locally made products. If you miss the market, just head across the street where several of the shops offer really authentic and unique crafts that are all made by locals. Trust me, you’ll find great pieces of art, fun jewelry and sculptures…no key chains, or t-shirts around!

As evening comes, take a tuk-tuk into town and stroll the outdoor markets before settling on an outdoor restaurant to taste Khmer cuisine. Beers are cheap (under $1) and the food is hearty and delicious.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When corporate social responsibility is taken seriously, especially in a country like Cambodia, the results are inspiring. At Shinta Mani, they are using their position in the community to help and support the local Khmer people. Through their local NGO (Non-Government Organization), Shinta Mani has a simple mission - to enhance the lives of individuals in the local communities where they operate, by providing them the tools to overcome the constraints of poverty.

As a leader in responsible tourism, Shinta Mani makes sure to hire locals over foreigners; they provide job security, encourage training and give employees the equality they so much deserve. They believe in the locals, they believe in their employees and do what they can to support, teach and inspire them. They are creating a cycle of hope, to a very underprivileged community.

No wonder this hotel is consistently rated #1 in Siem Reap - happy employees, amazing design and wonderful service!

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