Gardens by the Bay: A Futuristic Garden in Singapore

Visiting the Gardens by the Bay is a must while visiting Singapore. Especially the Supertree Grove, which comes comes to life, in a truly impressive light show! 


Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is a large park spanning 101 hectares, consisting of several waterfront gardens, plenty of educational places to get lost in and of course the spectacular Supertree Grove. After seeing all the pictures on Pinterest and Google and hearing about the park from locals, we knew we had to spend some time discovering Singapore’s pride and joy. 

You could easily spend days wandering around the grounds and still discover new and exciting things to see and smell. During our visit we decided we would check out Cloud Forest first and then make our way to the Grove to catch the sunset and the light show. 


The Cool Mist of Cloud Mountain

With sweltering temperatures outside, we didn’t have to think twice about entering the cold and tropical dome of Cloud Mountain. As soon as we entered we were hit with the cold mist surrounding the 35 meter tall mountain, that was completely covered in lush vegetation.  As far up as I could see, were beautiful orchids and exotic plants, with the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, cascading down. It was beautiful!

After a few laps on the bottom floor we made our way up the walkways that took us to the very top. At the top are more plants and an incredible areal view of the canopy. You can learn about biodiversity and geology and all the threats our environment faces.


The Supertree Grove Comes to Life!

The amazing Supertree Grove is comprised of large tree like structures that jut out from the ground and form vertical gardens, throughout the park. Between 25-50 meters tall, each tree has a large canopy that provides shade in the day and tells a pretty electrifying story at night.  For some of the best views of Singapore and the park, make sure to stroll along the Skyway bridge which connects two of the treestogether. 

The perfect time to visit, is as the sun is setting around 7:15. Grab a few cold drinks and snacks, find a seat on the grass and just lay back. The show itself is a stunning array of lights and music and is great for all ages. Definitely worth it to stay! 

***Showtimes start at 7:45 and again at 8:45


For more information about Gardens by the Bay, make sure to visit their website: