Skovshoved Hotel: A Quaint Seaside Hotel Near Copenhagen

A 20 minute cab ride, will transport you to the beautiful seaside town of Skovshoved as you exchange city life for a more natural setting at Skovshoved Hotel


After spending a week in the hustle & bustle of Copenhagen we were excited to head out to the seaside, to a very special town called Skovshoved. Although Skovshoved is only seven Kilometers from Copenhagen, you feel instantly transported to somewhere far away. Small fishing boats line the water’s edge and charming Nordic style homes line the streets. It’s a place where you don’t do anything but relax and indulge in the natural and peaceful ambiance. It’s a place where long walks along the beach are appreciated and sipping wine on your balcony as you watch the rain patter in front of you, is a nightly occurrence. 

Skovshoved is mostly a suburb, scattered with brightly colored private homes and a sleepy vibe to it. Yet sitting pristinely, close to the waters edge is the Skovshoved Hotel, one of the most charming boutique hotels we’ve visited. It's manor style facade, relaxing rustic porch and flailing flags at the entrance, were enough to make me instantly fall in love. Yet the kind service and relaxed simplicity is what will keep me wanting to felt like getting a big warm hug, from one of your favorite friends who you rarely get to see. 


The facade of Skovshoved Hotel


The Experience

My first impression of Skovshoved Hotel, was that we had entered a beautiful family home, that had been around for at least a century . Magically the style and design details seemed to grow with the times, mixing the modern with the old. Contemporary art and clean lines were mixed with antiques and comfortable seating was sprinkled throughout, inviting you in and begging you to stay. 

After a quick check-in we were taken to our suite, which was located on the top floor and facing the sea. Our suite was pretty large with a seating area, large bathroom, separate bedroom and two balconies. The design was mostly done in a neutral palette with Scandinavian details, giving the space a very elegant beach theme.

During our stay the weather was a bit chilly and windy, yet sitting on the balcony wrapped in a bathrobe was the perfect way to start and end each day. The hotel only had 22 rooms and most of them are sea views, yet I would definitely make sure to request a sea facing room…it just completes the overall experience! 


Dining in Skovshoved

Every meal we had during our stay in Skovshoved was absolutely incredible! From breakfast to dinner everything was fresh, delicious and worth the trip alone. Every morning we would make our way to the hotel restaurant where we would indulge in one of the best breakfast buffets. There was the usual assortment of breakfast dishes, yogurt, fruit, granola and bread, but everything was just so fresh and tasted wonderful. Definitely make sure to have a few slices of their thick brown bread. I don’t recall what kind it is, but it’s soft doughy deliciousness in every bite…I still dream about this bread!

I should mention that the setting of the restaurant at Skovshoved Hotel is every bit as charming as the rest of the property. The walls are white, with an eclectic array of framed pictures everywhere and the sunroom has the perfect ambiance, especially on a drizzly day. During the evening, candles glow and the setting becomes a bit more refined, yet still incredibly comfortable. For dinner you can order from the a la carte menu or select their four course tasting menu…either way you won’t be disappointed.


The restaurant at Skovshoved Hotel


We weren’t incredibly hungry, yet still wanted to try as much as possible, so at our waiters recommendation we shared the grilled turbot served with Jerusalem artichokes leeks and truffles and the duck confit with beetroots, pommes fondants and sauce bigarade. Every bite was delectable, comforting and effortlessly brought us back to Paris. The wine list is pretty extensive, so do what we did and let your waiter steer the way. You’ll end up trying wines you never heard of and pairings you never expected. Although the food is pretty refined, the ambiance is casual and comfortable.

If you’re looking to get out of the hotel for a meal, there really aren’t many options however, there is a fantastic pizza place just down the street. They do fantastic sandwiches and wood fire pizza. It’s a perfect place to grab some pizzas, a bottle of Italian wine and bring it back to your suite, for a night it!


What To Do

Even though you’re only 30 minutes away from the center of Copenhagen, it feels like you’re a world away. There isn’t much to do around the area, so don’t expect to be entertained 24/7. This is a place where you bring a good book, catch up on writing, or just sit relax and do yoga. There is a golf course nearby, a small marina and plenty of beach space for long walks. If you’re looking to relax and just sit quietly and appreciate nature, this is the place for you.


Walking along the beach near Skovshoved Hotel

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