The Legian Hotel Spa: Pure Balinese Bliss in Seminyak

There aren't many spas in Bali as beautiful as The Legian. Mixing local spirituality with the finest pampering techniques, this is the definition of relaxation.


There is no question that Bali is a relaxing place. I would even go as far as to say that it is one of the most relaxing places in the world. It has white sand beaches fringed with swaying palm trees, verdant tropical forests, and picturesque mountains. It is a place where surfers come to live their laid-back lives, catching waves by day and drinking beers in beach huts by night. Tourists throng the streets, and face no greater challenges than deciding which one of the many great restaurants to dine at that evening. All while being immersed in one of the most vibrant and kind cultures we’ve come across. 

Bali is also a deeply spiritual place and is infused with Eastern religious rituals. There is a temple on almost every corner, and as one driver said to us, it can sometimes be hard to tell what is a house and what is a place of worship as most abodes have elaborate shrines attached. Offerings can be seen placed outside every building, and the air is often thick with incense. The island exudes a sacred peacefulness, which gets under your skin and leaves you feeling profoundly at ease with the world.

It is fitting then, that it was on the island of the gods that we had the pleasure of experiencing, what is quite possibly one of the best Spas we have ever visited. We thought that we couldn’t be any more relaxed after spending some time in Bali, until we visited The Legian Spa.


The Legian Hotel is one of Bali’s oldest and most famous resorts, and it occupies a privileged position in the heart of Seminyak. Its beautiful rooms and suites are arranged inside the well-designed and grand hotel building. Behind this are the restaurants and bars, as well as the infinity pools which descend in steps down to one of the best stretches of beach on the island. This area of the property forms an oasis of tranquility, and once you enter you will find it very hard to gather the energy needed to leave. This is also where you will find the Spa. 

The setting of the Spa already makes it a relaxing place, but once you step inside, you soon realize that the quality of its design is as spectacular as its surroundings. The reception area has an Eastern feel to it, that instantly prepares you for the pampering ahead. It is minimalist and uncluttered, with everything being in exactly the right place. The lighting is low and a warm golden color, while the walls, tables and desk are made from dark stone. Wood is used effectively throughout the complex, and there are patterned timber screens flanking the corridors and running behind the front desk. There also several well placed statues which help give the place a spiritual atmosphere.


The main room of the Spa is even more peaceful. Here you will find more wooden screens and wicker baskets as well as two plunge pools. The lighting is expertly done, and there are candles and calming strip lighting running under the lips of the pools and extending under the seating. The Balinese don’t traditionally use chairs, and instead they sit cross-legged on flat platforms. There are two of these platforms in this room, and they are comfortably decked out with an abundance of cushions.

Coming off this room are the steam room and sauna. Continue further and you emerge out into the massage rooms. Behind these are the landscaped gardens which runs down to the beach. This is a beautiful spot, and provides a beautiful view to look at while you are being pampered. Connected to the Spa is the hotel’s wellness center. This comes well equipped with weights, running machines and fitballs. This room doubles up the yoga studio if you want to keep fit while getting in touch with some of Bali’s ever present spirituality.


Of course, a Spa is only as good as its treatments, and even one as spectacular as this would be a disappointment if it fell down in this regard. One thing is for sure though, The Legian Spa certainly does not. There are a total of forty-one different options available ranging from massages, to body wraps and pedicures. Many of these draw on local traditions, and you can get a Balinese massage (which involves a special technique using the palms), or the coffee ritual which uses the power of caffeine to detoxify and exfoliate your skin.

There are a baffling array of procedures and ingredients on offer, many of which you will probably never have heard of. Algae, Javanese lulur, and caviar are all headline ingredients, while treatments based on the spiritual principles of places like Tibet and Thailand are also available. Best of all, they use only the best products in the Spa, with most being provided by the prestigious Pevonia and Elemis brands.


We chose to go for one of their signature rituals. These consist of several treatments, chosen to combine and provide a specific benefit. Ours was ‘The Legian Indulgence’ - the aim of which is total relaxation. It started with an aromatherapy foot scrub, and included foot reflexology, a body massage and a body polish. The best part however was the four hand massage. The ritual is well named as there is something delightfully indulgent about having two people massage you simultaneously. It was expertly done, and the staff are clearly very experienced. The ritual lived up to its billing, and just as promised it created ‘a haze of calm and satisfied bliss’.

We couldn’t have left the Spa more relaxed, and our stress free existence continued afterwards with a thirty second stroll to the beach. Everything about The Legian Spa was just perfect, and the talented staff made sure that each element of the experience was exactly as it should be. We had come to Bali to unwind and had certainly been successful. After our time in the Spa there wasn’t an ounce of stress left in us.


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