Tower Club at Lebua: The Best Views in Bangkok

Overlooking the Chao Phraya River and the skyscrapers of Bangkok, the Tower Club at lebua has the best views in the city!

If you’re planning a trip to Bangkok, you’ve probably come across the Tower Club at Lebua Hotel a few times. It’s famous! You might have even recognized their iconic rooftop bar in a movie, Hangover 2..maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s no secret, the hotel has amazing views, in fact probably the best views we’ve had at any hotel in Bangkok

It’s located right next to the Chao Phraya River and you can pretty much see it from anywhere in the city. Look up, find the huge skyscraper with the gold dome and you there you have it - The State tower at lebua. The hotel is like may of the other massive skyscraper hotels in Bangkok but what sets it apart (aside from the views) is the amazing location.


Steps outside of the hotel is some of the best street food we’ve had in Bangkok. You have to just walk around and check it out! Street vendors will be tempting you with fried banana puff pastry and don’t be afraid to try the fried chicken…it’s the best we’ve ever had. Around every corner there is something new to see and a new snack to try. If you’re lucky, you might just find the only vendor selling cold beer with plastic stools to sit on, as you watch Bangkok literally pass you by. 

There is really only one word to describe our room at the Tower Club - Massive! We had a corner suite on the 52nd floor and I’m pretty sure it was bigger than our apartment in San Francisco. We had two bedrooms, a kitchen, a large sitting area, an office space and 5 balconies! We were like little kids running around the suite trying to see where we could find the best views. It was incredible to watch Bangkok from so high up above. Our ritual became quite simple - open a cold beer, sit on the balcony and stare. Really only moving to get another ice cold beer.


Daily breakfast on our balcony


Rooftop Dining at The Tower Club

Before we even booked our trip to Bangkok we had heard of the incredible rooftop bars and restaurants the city boasts. I had a few ideas in my mind of where we would go while in the city, but I handn't realized the Tower Club was home to my top foodie bucket list choices.  Imagine my excitement when I figured out we would be staying at the hotel with two of the coolest roof top bars and restaurants in Bangkok. 


One evening we dined at Breeze, where we were had a selection of the restaurants top dishes. We had bits of crispy marble goby and river prawns, but my favorite was the Waygu beef with mushrooms. Chris of course loved the duck saladand we were both in awe of the caramelized banana tart for dessert. Although I must say, the view is what stole the show. We were sitting in a private little balcony on one of the top floors and for the few hours we were there, it was as if we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. Only for the minor interruptions of getting a new dish or a cocktail. 

After dinner we went up to Sky Bar, which is where Hangover II was filmed. Once again we had more amazing views to gawk at. The cocktails were refreshing and the crowd was definitely the posh of Bangkok. Not to long after we arrived we decided to head back to the privacy of our own balcony and just watch Bangkok from above. It was a great way to end our evening! 


About Tower Club at Lebua

There are two different hotels at Lebua. There is “Lebua at State Tower” which is on the lower floors and then there is the “Tower Club at Lebua” which is on the 51st - 59th floor. We stayed in the Tower Club and so should you. It’s a 5 star luxury experience, with views, amazing service and access to the Tower Club Lounge.  The hotel itself is pretty large, so you can expect long waits at the elevator and competition to get the best seats at the pool. 

Please note that the Tower Club at Lebua has a strict dress code. If you want to visit any of the restaurants or bars you must be dressed appropriately. Men must wear long pants and closed toe shoes, while women should wear sandals anda dress. Absolutely no flip-flops or beach wear.


For more information about the Tower Club at lebua make sure to visit their website: