10 Minute Workout Videos to do While Traveling

Traveling constantly means I can’t really do fitness classes anymore, so instead I do these amazing 10 minute workout videos that don’t require any special equipment!


Trying to stay healthy while traveling can be a little rough… Especially when the most amazing food is staring at you at every corner. Let’s face it - who really wants to go to Paris and not eat cheese and baguettes, or drink beer in Germany or go overboard on pizza and pasta in Italy. Or not feel schluby if you’re in freezing temperatures and decide to stay in and watch movies for weeks at a time (thank you Berlin for that ).

It’s no secret that I hate excersise. I will come up with very compelling reasons not to work out and I have no shame in negotiating deals with myself if I do workout…Like that one time I promised myself new shoes if I went to Barre class at least 4 days a week (which I later brought down to 3 days a week) for a new pair of shoes. It’s shameful but it is what it is. 

Fortunately we do walk a lot (on average 12,000 steps a day according to my fitbit), we cook plenty of meals in our AIrbnb apartments and for the most part eat healthy… but sometimes that’s just not enough.

Being on the road, means I can’t do monthly subscriptions anymore, or convince my friends to go to class with me. Because I’m confined to a small carry on bag, good bye cute workout clothes and forget about having a yoga mat or dumbbells. Happily convinced that it was just impossible to work out while traveling, it wasn’t too long before I started to feel schluby and just blah. 

Luckily at that very moment, I came across these amazing 10 minute workout videos. I started searching for more and found a whole slew of easy peasy, yet extremely effective workouts. I started doing 2 different classes back to back and wow I could feel the difference immediately. I don’t stick to a strong regimen, I do the videos when I want and at the end of the day it’s just 20 minutes. 

Here are my fav 10 minute workout videos to do while traveling! 

10 Minute Abs and Core Without Crunches

Cardio Barre For Full Body Burn

Look Good Naked ;)