TraveLibro: The Newest Must-Have Travel App

Part travel diary, part guide book, part photo album and part social network – TraveLibro has everything you need to document and share your trip


It is safe to say that we use a ton of apps while traveling. We have one for editing photos, one for tracking flights, one for getting food delivered and many many more to help us out with everything in between. It can be hard to keep track of which ones do what, but of course some stick out because they are just so useful.

There are a few which have become our mainstays, ones which we come back to again and again. Unsurprisingly, among these are apps like Facebook and Instagram and Uber Eats...but one of our new favorites – TraveLibro – takes the best of these social media apps, and combines it with loads of other fun and useful travel related features.

Let me explain. TraveLibro is a bit like a virtual travel journal that lets you show off your trip to your family and friends (your social network). Sure, you can do that to a certain extent by putting photos up on Instagram, but a photo only shows so much. We use it to share the highlights and those special picturesque moments, but TraveLibro lets us dive deep down into the details. Think of it like a real time travel diary.


On TraveLibro we go into detail about everything we see while traveling... 


It is more than just that though. It also works as a travel guide for others planning a vacation, and for your own personal use. How many times do you discover a hidden gem of a restaurant or great bar, only to later forget the name? It happens to us all the time. Being able to keep track of our favorite places is great when we need to give recommendations, and even better when months later we return somewhere and want to rediscover the places we visited the first time. It is hard to overstate how convenient it is having all these features in one place. Before, to do all this would involve trawling through forums for advice, asking around, reading guidebooks, and posting to several social media sites. Now we just scroll through our favorite traveler accounts on TraveLibro and check out where they’ve been.

We used TraveLibro to document our favorite things to see, eat, and do on our most recent trip to Copenhagen...

So how does it work? It’s pretty simple and remarkably easy to use. To get started, all you have to do is create a profile. This also lets you experience all the warm memories flooding back as you get to work logging every country you have been to so far, and reminisce about them as you go. Once that is done you are ready to start checking into places as you travel, leaving reviews, and posting pictures and videos. When your journey is complete, you just tap ‘save’ and it will all be published to your profile to be seen by your friends and family.

The app comes with the ability to comment on posts and pictures, so that everyone back home can let you know how jealous they are. It goes the other way too, if you are going somewhere that a friend has already been, all their recommendations are there to inspire you.

Instagram is like our portfolio (highlights of our adventures) and TraveLibro is like our travel diary and travel guide

TraveLibro is where we share detailed itineraries for cities like Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Prague...


Now that we have given TraveLibro a go, we find ourselves constantly going back to the app to inspire our itineraries and get excited about upcoming trips. It’s handy being able to keep track of all the destinations we visit, and all the little places that make them so special. While Instagram photos, Facebook posts and tweets are great, they will never be able to provide the substance and detail that this app does. Even better, once you are back home you have a personally curated travel guide full of memories for you to look back on.