Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge Park – A Treetop Adventure

A park that lets you dangle from the treetops? Experience the magic of British Columbia’s forests from a thrilling new perspective at Vancouver’s, Capilano Park


While we were in Vancouver, we knew that we wanted to see some of British Columbia’s famous natural beauty. Luckily for us, Capilano brings the best of the region right to the edge of the city and lets you see it from a different angle – literally.

About ten minutes drive from downtown Vancouver is the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. If you are looking to get out of the city and see some of the region has to offer (without the hassle of going very far), you could do a lot worse than a visit here. Set amongst towering pine and fir trees, and with a deep river gorge running through the middle of it, we knew we had found what we were looking for.

Capilano is not just any natural park however, it is criss-crossed with walkways built high up onto the trees themselves, where you can get birds eye views. The jewel in the crown is the Capilano suspension bridge, which dates back to 1889, and crosses the gorge 70 meters above the water. All this makes for some stunning views, anda completely different experience to a simple walk through the forest. 


If you just want to experience some natural beauty (as we did), you will find it here. The size of the trees took my breath away, and watching the river rushing beneath you through the gorge is a special experience. This is a very different landscape to what I was used to back home in San Francisco.

Thrill seekers will also enjoy the park – and some parts of the treetop walkways may test those with a fear of heights. Of course, they are completely safe, but when you are standing on a thin strip of wood close to the very tops of the trees you can’t help but notice your heartbeat increase a little.

There is something for history lovers as well. You can visit the park museum and learn all about both the area’s native inhabitants (and see some impressive totem poles!), as well as the history of the early settlers who built the bridge.

When you are standing on a thin strip of wood close to the very tops of the trees you can’t help but notice your heartbeat increase a little.

The Capilano suspension bridge’s accessibility is one of its attractions. If you have a car, you can drive there in just 10 minutes from downtown Vancouver by taking the aptly named Capilano road.

We chose to take the free shuttle bus however, and this will pick you up from various points in the city centre. It runs every 15-30 minutes so you won’t be waiting too long. A nice bonus is the view you get on the way while crossing the Lions Gate Bridge.

Entrance to the park costs C$39.95 per adult and this covers all the attractions inside the park.

If you’re ever in Vancouver, I wholeheartedly recommend a trip to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. It’s a beautiful place and a really fun way to spend an afternoon. It’s not often you get to see a forest from its canopy, and the park makes for a peaceful, and easy to get to, excursion from the big city.


For more information about Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, visit their website